Ayam Pedas Nenek (Grandma's Spicy Chicken)

Been away for ages from blogging. I just need to find my mojo, so I can be a good blogger once more. For the sake of hosting and domain fee, let me start by sharing you my mom's recipe. Yup, it's my mom's, my son's grandma (but I do believe that she got the recipe from my late grandma, her mother).

Ayam Pedas is also known as Ayam Balado. We called it ayam pedas as it is spicy (pedas), though sometimes my mom didn't make it that hot. My son, loves ayam pedas as much his cousins love it. Everybody loves my mom's ayam pedas, including our relatives and friends.

My son, can eat ayam pedas everyday, three times a day. He never get bored of it and for him, ayam pedas nenek is the best. Funny thing happened when I cooked ayam pedas last week.

"K, bibu cooks ayam pedas. Do you want to eat it?"
"No, I don't want at all"

Though his answer broke my heart, still I told him to give it a try.

With his i-do-not-want-to-eat-your-chicken face, he ate it and

"Wow, the taste is the same like ayam pedas nenek. I want to eat now bibu"

Yay!! Alhamdulillah.

Then, I ended up cooking ayam pedas two days in a row.

Ayam Pedes Nenek

As requested by some friends in FB, here I share you the recipe. I hope that this recipe will be "amal jariyah" for my mom. By the time you finish reading the recipe, you will say nothing but "it is so easy". Believe me ;)

Ayam Pedas Nenek
(Grandma's Spicy Chicken)

Recipe by my Mom, measurement by me

1 kg chicken thighs, clean, skin out, cut into 3 pieces
3 tbsp ground chilli (salted)
3 shallots, finely slices
Lemon juice as desired
Salt as needed
Cooking oil
A cup of Water for boiling chicken

Pour a cup of water in a pan and add small amount of salt. Mix well. Fold in chicken pieces and boil until water evaporated then set aside.
Heat oil in a skillet. Fry chicken pieces until golden brown. Set aside.
Take small amount of oil from frying the chicken (2-3 tbsp) and heat it. Add shallots and fry until half cooked. Add ground chilli and stir fry until set. Add salt when needed. (Be careful as the ground chilli is already salted).
Fold in chicken pieces, mix until well coated by the chilli sauce. Continue frying for a while. Drizzle with lemon juice. Mix then remove from the heat.

Easy, right ;)

Happy cooking!



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