Ayam Kecap Bango (Kecap Bango's Roasted Chicken)

I cooked this roasted chicken almost a year ago when I was abroad, but was lazy to post it. It was an emergency recipe when my son and I were alone at my friend's house. I wanted to cook something yummy but easy and quick to make, while I had in the kitchen was only chicken. At first I was thinking to make chicken soup, unfortunately some spices were not available at my friend's kitchen. After checking what kind of spices she had, I decided to create something new by utilizing new variant of Kecap Bango "manis, pedas, gurih" (sweet, hot, umami) I brought from Indonesia.
Ayam Kecap Bango

The result was good. Though the soy sauce was hot yet the end result was acceptable by my toddler son. Now let me share you the recipe, but pardon me for not giving you the measurement, as I just toss all the spices together and used my feeling ;)
Ayam Kecap Bango (Kecap Bango's Roasted Chicken)
Recipe by me
4 chicken thighs
Shallot (red onion)
Candlenut (kemiri)
Coriander seeds, finely grind
Nutmeg powder
Galangal powder
Oyster sauce
Salt as needed
Kecap Bango manis pedas gurih
Cooking water (as needed)
Ayam Kecap Bango 2

1. Mixed all ingredients except chicken thighs with water in a pot. Toss in chicken thighs.
2. Boil over medium heat until cooked. Remove from the heat.
3. Roast in a pre-heated oven until golden brown.



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