Tumis Kohlrabi (Stir Fry Kohlrabi)

When you live alone with a 23mos toddler, you will be more creative in creating easy and quick recipes, at least this is what has happened to me during our life in Bremen. The one that I will share you the recipe is one of some of those recipes. I just named it Tumis Kohlrabi (Stir Fry Kohlrabi). Actually at first I wanted to cook Sambal Goreng Labu Siam (Chayote cooked in coconut milk) by substituting chayote with kohlrabi as they have similar taste and texture, but both my son and I were so hungry, so I decided to create a simple food from it.

I cooked this food together with him. Kareem was uber happy to finally allowed to cook. You can see the videos of him cooking on his page.

This simple food from an easy and quick recipe turned out delicious. My litte boss told me about it, he said "enak bibu". Ohhh, hearing that made me cry. Nothing compare to my son compliment. Thank you son!

Here is the recipe, I hope you can read it clearly, but if you cant, just let me know.



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