In Paris

Alhamdulillah, I could make it to Paris though I got fever 38.2°C before and on the way to Paris from Bremen. Bibu and mommy took a good care of me. Bibu breastfed me the whole journey by train to Paris hence I was healthy and happy by the time we got there.

It was sunny day at 26°C, the sun was strong hitting my eyes but bibu forgot to bring my babybanz sunglasses, fortunately there are some people selling sunglasses at Trocadero, so bibu bought one for me. It was €7, but bibu got it for €5 (still expensive, said mommy - ya, bibu nawarnya kecepatan, alasannya kasian sama yang jualan karena dia baru aja menggelar dagangannya setelah sebelumnya diusir sama polisi - hehehe, ternyata di Paris juga ada loh Kamtib utk pedagang kaki lima).

From Trocadero, we headed to Eiffel Tower by walking through the park. Some people looked at me with this glasses. Ya ya, I know I looked super cute with sunglasses on my head.

All photos below were taken at Musé du Louvre. I was happy to run around there, something that I barely did during my stay in Jakarta. Bibu said, it's safe to walk by myself without her holding my hands, gak akan ditabrak motor katanya *lol*

I was happy to be in Paris, not because I could stand under Eiffel Tower nor pose in front of Musé du Louvre (where Da Vinci Code took place), but because I was there with Bibu and Mommy, the two women whom I love and who love me in return unconditionally.

It was mommy and my first visit to Paris but the third for Bibu. She said that next time when family come to Germany, she wont join them in visiting both Paris and Amsterdam :)



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