Click May 2009: Cookies - Egg Drop Cookies

Today I planned to stay at home and get more sleep as yesterday was a long day for me (as I've told you here), but I couldn't sleep. Thanks to my neighbors upstairs who played music so loud. I really don't have any idea and energy at all to ask them to decrease the volume since I've been doing so for more than 10 times. They did decrease the volume every time I made a complain, but then after sometimes, they will do it again and again. The worst was last summer when my mom was here, they played their music loudly at 1AM! Too bad at that time I was being nice not to call the police (yup, here you can report such action to the police) but I don't think I can stand being nice anymore (FYI, the landlord has warned them about this issue, but they will repeat it again after a few day break).

Enough with them, let's talk about my egg drop cookies that I photographed last month for my assignment on SLF. Normally I ate these cookies as the base of my cheese cup cake, but these days (as my tiny oven is getting weird and the big one is broken) I ate them as my snack during my work or when I was waiting for my meal to be cooked.

Egg Drop Cookies
Exposure: 15s
Aperture: f/32
ISO: 100
WB: Daylight

Without further bla bla, I send the egg drop cookies photo above to Click May 2009: Cookies, hosted by Bee and Jai from Jugalbandi.


Manyaro said...

Cakeppp...goodluck with Click yach Sefa!

Lina W. said...

Photonya keren banget Sefa...aku suka banget dg color tonenya..

Ipoet - Gata's Mom said...

keren banget fa..ditunjang ama propsnya juga..duh sefa nih kreatip deh gabungin prop2nya juga nih koleksinya tuh yg gak kuku...keren

Saurabi said...

That sucks really, that happends to me once and the first thing I do was go and touch the door and tell the guy please bla bla, the second time I start throw things to the window until I broke it with a generic viagra bottle and them I call the police and he was still doing it so, I went to the house knock the door and start hit the guy I almost kill him I guess butI didn't care.


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