Thank You Bluehost!

Alhamdulillah, finally.. the copycat blog has been terminated by the Bluehost (webhosting). At first I thought it hosted by WordPress, but then when I wrote a report abuse to them, they referred me to Bluehost as the real host.

I directly reported the copycat blog by email on April 15, and on April 16, they replied me by giving me a form about a copyright infringement claim. I filled the form and sent it back to them. At 8PM, April 16, they replied my email and informed that the copycat blog has been deleted.

I checked to the copycat blog straightaway, and found out that it doesn't exist anymore. When you click this link, it will say: Error establishing a database connection.
To make sure about it, I called my friend to recheck. Thanks God, he found the same result.

I hope it wont happen again in the future, not only to mine, but to yours as well. Thanks a lot mates for the support and help.

Thank you Bluehost!

FYI, now I am registering my foodblog on It is free, so why don't you register yours too?

PS: It's kinda annoying when someone said because my photo's great that's why people steal it or copy paste my blog. I always tried to do my best in producing food photos or other kind of photos and put them in my blog to make my readers enjoy being in my blog, not to let them steal my work!

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Diana Novita said...'s done..

"someone said because my photo's great that's why people steal it or copy paste my blog"

hahaha..ridiculous one in the world.

Kitchen Flavours said...

Allhumdulliah...It all ended....nice to know that that blog got terminated.....Ha it is good to enroll your blog in copyspace.....Forget it as bad dream and have pleasent weekend dear...

Dwiana P said...

good to know it is over! I hate copycat.

Judith said...

Ja .. endlich :)

Tuty said...

Good for you, Sefa! You're one hell of a tenacious girl..

Yeni Yulinda said...

Alhamdulillah,cepat juga ya fa mereka nangani..

boleh juga tuh MyFreecopyrightnya,mau coba achh..
tfs ya fa.

K. said...

Someone stole your pictures and stuff? thats crazy... I've used BlueHost for many years. No complaints here.


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