Food-o-grafie #1 - My Camera


Sorry mates, no recipe for today (but don't worry, I have scheduled some).

In this post I want to write about my camera as it will be sent to Zorra of Kochtopf - 1x umr├╝hren bitte, who organized a new food photography event called Food-o-grafie. The first edition is about camera, which I believe is one of the most important thing for foodie bloggers. Yup, recipe accompanies by a photograph, is really helpful.

I blogged my recipe since 2004 in my primary blog. At that time, I used my Sony Ericsson K700i and my BenQ DC C740 to photograph the foods I cooked. Back then, I knew nothing about food photography, I just captured my food without thinking about lighting, the rules of third, styling etc. The photo below was taken with my pocket digicam BenQ DC C740. Too bad, I didn't have a file of my food photos taken by SE K700i.

taken by: BenQ DC C740

It was in October 2007 when I decided to buy a dslr camera, Canon EOS 400D with the kitlens EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6. The main reason to buy it, was to capture the beauty of Europe. My dream is to be able to travel around Europe while I am still living here. Yup, I love landscape photography a lot! You can see some of it, here

But since I also blogged my recipe with photo, I decided to learn food photography. I learned a lot from my foodie blogger friends, especially from my best friend Nana. She is the one who encouraged me to use manual program to make me know better about my camera. I wont stop thanking her about it, since shooting using manual program, is more fun.

taken by: Canon EOS 400D - Kitlens EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6

I love this camera, but if one day I intend to be professional, I will buy an advance camera like Canon EOS 40D. Though people said that it is not about the camera, but it is about the man behind the camera, but still, quality plays a big role. Yup, indeed, otherwise, Canon or any fabricant will not differ their product in prices and types or why we bother using dslr while pocket digital camera is more handy and easy to use. I hope you get my point or you can correct me if it is wrong.

For dslr camera, lens is the most important thing. A good lens will give better result. I can tell you this based on my own experience. I shot my food photos with Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II since end of December 2007. So far, I am satisfied with the result. Using this lens needs lots of patience, specially in using the automatic focus (AF). The AF is easy to miss its focus and it is quite frustrating sometimes especially when you lack of time. To deal with it, I used the manual focus though sometimes it still won't get the focus that I wanted. Then once I have a chance to try Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM. Wow!! No wonder a lot of people recommend this lens, it is really a great lens for food photography. Unfortunately, as a student, I could not afford to buy it. The difference between the two is more than 250€, so I stick with the cheap one :D

Ooopppsss! The theme is camera, not the lens :D

Back to the theme, as I said above, Canon EOS 400D is not enough for one who plans to be professional but perfect for one who chooses photography as a hobby or just uses it for photo blogging. Though this camera has a sensor cleaning, but still you have to take care of it, specially when photographing your food. Just make sure that your hand is clean before touching the camera. Unless you want it to be taken care by the service center like mine. Yup, mine is in there now since last week (and I lose my first client because of it).

Since Zorra asked for a photo for this event that could be either a new one or the old one from September archives. As my camera is still being serviced, I used the one from last month.

taken by: Canon EOS 400D - Lens: EF 50mm f/1.8 II

Just a note from me: Explore your camera and read the manual book.

Believe me, it helps!

Want to tell us about your camera? You still have time until November 8th, 2008. For more information, please click this link.


Dwiana P said...

Oh there is a new photography event huh... thanks for the information Fa.
Hopefully I can participate. One thing about photography for me, every day I learn something new.

Ema said...

moga terlaksana ya keinginanmu..heheh,,aku doain..:)

sefa firdaus said...

@Dwiana P: yup, but this one is not a contest, just to share story about food photography..
gue rasa sih bagusan gini Dwi, daripada perlombaan, trusnya kalo ada yg menang... byk yg ngedumel lagi dibelakang :D

@Ema: keinginan utk punya 40D? asiikkkk mau dikadoin sama Mbak Ema :))
makasih doanya eniwe :)

mae said...

hehe the best thing we can do before own a dslr is know your camera better... setojo... !
sampe sekarang, aku tidak terlalu pusing dgn kamera apa yg kupakai, selama aku bisa njepret dimana aja kapan aja. Meski keinginan punya DSLR ttp ada. Ntar klo dah punya 40D, 400D-nya diwariskan ke aku ya, wakakaka...

eh aku juga punya blog foto looo *pamer*

Judith said...

Nggak apa2 nggak tentang resep, liat2 foto hidangannya aja udah kenyang he he..

Fotonya cakep2 Sef, pingin deh punya kamera cangih :D

Judith said...

Dan Sefa moga sukses selalu ya, good luck fotografi nya :D

sefa firdaus said...

Mae: yg namanya eksplore kamera mah wajib Mae, mau dslr, prosumer atau aps biasa, soalnya nolong banget :D
Sekarang udah pake prosumer... IS5 itu keren loh, aku aja ngiler pengen punya *celamitan*
Hehehe.... kalo udah ada 40D, artinya 400D ada yg beli :D

eh.. mau dong link ke photoblognya, biar aku link ditempatku ;)

Judith: terimakasih Mbak.. terutama utk dukungannya *hugs*

zorra said...

I agree with all you said! Unfortunately I'm too lazy to read the manual book. ;-)

Thank you for your participation in the 1st food-o-grafie event.

sefa firdaus said...

Your welcome Zorra.
Hmmmm, actually me kinda lazy to read the manual book, but since it helps.. I read it anyway :D

Abby said...

I am still dreaming about having Nikon lens 50mm F1.4
hope someday I can afford it..


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