Update: Me vs Koran Tempo - Case Closed

Alhamdulillah, Koran Tempo has given me an offered to re-publish my pudding photo and this time together with the original recipe. They are also agreed to write an apology below the recipe page where my pudding photo and recipe will be published. Even they insist to pay for using my photo.

I agreed with this offer and as I mentioned before that it is not about the money, I will donate the money for the needed in Indonesia.

This is Ramadan, a month of blessing and forgiving. So, apology accepted!

For it, I am closing the two previous journal.

Again, have a great weekend mates and thanks for your support.


Vania said...

Happy Ending ya Fa. *ikutan seneng.
Met puasa.

Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow that's so nice to hear. As a part of the event iam showcasing five recipes from each blog participating in the event. If u r intrested i would like to showcase recipes from u r blog. The recipes which u usually prepared during Ramadan. If u already have those recipes then send me the links to my mail id. My mail id is there in the blog. I want u to write a short note on Ramadan along with the recipes. Thank u. Happy Fasting. Have blessed Ramadan.

mae said...

Alahmdulillah ya mbak... Yang baik emang selalu dikasih yang terbaik. Semoga semua hikmah bisa diambil. *jd mikir mo masang copyright* haha lagaknya kyak yg blognya dah bagus bagus amat :)

Ksatrio Wojo Ireng said...

Glad to hear that it finaly concluded positively and also productively.

I found your recipee to help me in missing a lot of home-cooked delicasies. Will definitely find more time to visit here. Hugs from West Africa :-)

Sheila said...

Sefa, gue ikutan seneng kasusnya berakhir dgn happy end. Bagus deh kalo mereka gak "keras kepala" banget. Moga2 kasus elo ini jadi pelajaran buat mereka.

sefa firdaus said...

@Vania: iya Van, legaaaa
makasih ya.

@Kitchen Flavours: thanks a lot! Ramadan kareem!

@Mae: amin amin.. semoga kita semua juga bisa mengambil hikmah dari masalah ini :)
eh Mae, foto-fotonya cantik gitu kok.. ayo ditulisin copy right sama disclaimer, sebelum menyesal nantinya ;)

@Ksatrio Wojo Ireng: me too, I'm so relieved.
You are welcome to visit my kitchen anytime Mas Kstaria Baja Hitam, hehehe. Hugs from Northern Germany. Thanks for dropping by.

@Sheila: iya Sheil, gue coba nelpon elo mau ngabarin, tapi kayaknya elo gak ada dirumah deh :D
semoga aja ini jadi pelajaran buat semua orang :)

Lore said...

Glad to hear everything turned out ok Sefa!!! Honestly after seeing all these cases around the blogosphere I was quite pesimistic about this. I think you're the first one who gives us such wonderful news. Thankfully it's all over now!

Andrie Anne said...

Duh ga ngikutin beritanya nih gue. Btw selamat ya Fa, dah beres masalahnya. Lega dong yah..:-)


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