Awards - Being Loved by Friends

One of the best thing being a foodie blogger is friendship I got from other foodie blogger. Though we only communicate through the net, but the friendship I got is really touch my heart. It is so real. Ohh.. how I love being in this community.

My fellow foodie bloggers has showed me their love by giving me awards. Thanks a lot! For your kindness, I reward you back with my fav flower photo above. Hope you'll like it.
And these are those awards:

Sowmya, my dear friend from Creative Saga and Yasmeen form Health Nut - Are you eating Nature's best? gave me a Brillante Weblog Award on my birthday. Wow!! It's really a beautiful gift ever. Thanks Sowmya, thanks Yasmeen!


One day after our independence day, I got two awards (Beautiful Site Award and Blog Darts Thinkers) from Lubna of Yummy Food. Thanks Lubna!

Mbak Ipoet of My Dreams and My Creations, Dheeta of mLebu paWoN and Sheila of Let's mess-up the kitchen, has awarded me as Kreativ Blogger. Thanks a lot ladies!

A hug and Spread the Love award was given by Lidia from Bianca's Mom. Thanks a lot Lid, you really know that these days I need hug and love *wink*

The last award came from Mbak Retni of Retni's Corner. She gave me Tetap Bersinar Selama Ramadhan award. Thanks Mbak!

And now let me give those awards above for all my fellow foodie bloggers. Thanks!

Have a nice day mates!


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