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Home was chosen as the theme of week #9 of My Kitchen, My World (MKMW) for we are still in the spirit of Olympic Games. By cooking our home cuisine, Susan, the creator of MKMW, hopes that we can show off our patriotism. Couldn't agree more Susan ;)

For me, it is a chance to introduce Indonesian food to my fellow foodie blogger in MKMW (of course, the non-Indonesian ones). Believe me, if you love hot and spicy foods, you're gonna love Indonesian foods. But don't worry, for those who don't like to eat hot, we have also foods that don't contain chili.

Tomorrow, 17 August, is a special day for the Indonesians. Why? Because on August 17th, we are going to celebrate our independence day. That's why, in the photo below I put two red bowls just to give the atmosphere of Indonesia on my dish. Red and White are the color of Indonesian flag and it is also a theme for a foodie photography contest organized by three beautiful ladies. You still have a chance to submit your photo until 18th of August and join the fun! Read more information about it here.

The dish that I cooked for MKMW #9 "Home" is one of my fav food. My mom used to cook it for us back then. It was so delicious that I couldn't resist not to eat more than once during the meal. But, now I live far from mom, so I have to make this food on my own. Mom gave me the recipe, but as usual, she only said about the ingredients without amount. But hey, don't worry, I already made it several times, and the taste is perfect, just like my mom's.

This food called Asem-Asem Buncis. Asem-asem means sour while Buncis means bean. Actually this food is not that sour, since the sour taste is solely comes from the tomato and it has a sweet taste from sweet soy sauce and the hot taste from chilies. Since my beloved is the biggest fans of sour food, I modified the recipe by adding lime juice. He loves it very much ;)

Enough chit-chat. Now let's get to the main thing. Recipeeeeee ;))
FYI, Ibu is mother in Indonesian language.

Asem-Asem Buncis Ibu (Mom' Sweet and Sour Bean Stew)
Recipe by my mom, modified by me

200 gr beans, angle sliced
500 gr beef gulash, cut into small cube (as desired)
2 cups of beef broth (from boiling the meat)
5 small red onion (bawang merah), finely sliced*
3 cloves of garlic, finely sliced
1 tomato, diced
4 green chilies, angle sliced
4 red chilies, finely sliced
1 knucklebone galangal, finely sliced
4 Indonesian bay leaves (daun salam)**
4 tbsp Indonesian sweet soy sauce
Lime juice from one slice lime
Salt to taste
Fried red onion (bawang goreng)
Cooking oil for sautéing


1. Boil the meat until soft. Set aside and keep the water.
2. Heat oil in a wok pan. Sauté red onion, garlick, red chilies, green chilies, tomato, galangal and bay leaves, until fragrant. kuas dan daun salam, sampai harum.
3. Add bean, stir fry for a while.
4. Add beef, cook by stirring for a minute.
5. Pour into beef broth. Season with sweet soy sauce, salt and lime juice, mix well. Adjust the taste until it tastes sweet and sour.
6. Bring to a boil over small heat until the bean is enough soft.
7. Sprinkle with fried onion, mix well and remove from the heat.
8. Serve with steamed rice. Yummy!

* you can substitute 5 small red onion by one medium size onion
** you can substitute Indonesian bay leaves with curry leaves or with any bay leaves


Natashya said...

That looks so satisfying. I love a hot bowl of stew or soup, any time of year.
I am a big fan of spicy and sour so I think I would love this dish. We don't get fresh galangal in Canada but I did find dried at the market. Of course we do get ginger - I am not sure how close they are.
Great dish!

Susie Homemaker said...

Your photos always make me drool...yum!

Michelle Dargen said...

Oh. My. Gosh. This is making me drool. I will be making this in the next couple of weeks. I don't care that it is 102 degrees here!

I love Indonesian food. Love it. We have nice Indonesian place here in Portland that has great food.

While I have been to Bali a couple of times there are so many places I want to see in Indonesia. Just from my experience in Bali I can only imagine the rest of your country is just as beautiful! When my 3 year old daughter is old enough we plan on taking her to Indonesia to travel for a couple of months. :)

Dwiana P said...

Fa, Jadi malu euy gw dah join ama mkmw eh bolong2 bikinnya. I should make something that bring the memory back about home but as you know I don't feel like taking picture or even cook this week. enjoying eating something simple and at the same time watching Olympic!! LOL

Judith said...

Lhhaaa iki asli Asem2 uenaaak, jadi inget kota Solo (^J^)

Shandy said...

Ibu, how sweet! I love the soup. . . and I think that the love and memories behind this recipe make this even more endearing! Thank you for sharing this with us. I am going to have to try this right away!

A.G said...

asem-asem emang syeger :)

HoneyB said...

Your photos are awesome - the soup looks very appetizing!

Sheila said...

Ya ampun, olimpiade udah mulai? Gue kemana aja??!! Beneran deh, kayaknya gue kudu manage waktu dgn baek nih.
Sori ya Fa, jadi curhat gini.
Gue suka sama cara lo ngatur tata letak mangkoknya, Fa. Satu hal yang sering banget bikin gue mati ide. Btw, itu mangkok lucu2 deh :)coexl

Elsye said...

Faa, in imah endang gulindang gue juga doyaannnnn....segerrr dehhh

Luigi said...

Wah, jadi ngiler nih.. hanya bisa masak begini kalau dibantu bumbu instan disini :D

Mochachocolata Rita said...

wahhhh seger buanget nih kayaknya, pengennnnn

btw asek indo menang medali emas badminton cihuyyyyyyy

Kitchen Flavours said...

I have a suprise waiting for u in my blog. Check out dear.

sefa firdaus said...

@Natashya: you're gonna love this Natashya ;)
me too, I like to have a hot bowl soup or stew even though during hot summer
about galangal, if you can find the fresh one, better use the powder than ginger, the taste is totally different :)

@Susie Homemaker: thanks a lot Susan, your photos are yummy too :)

@Michelle Dargen: ooowwwww, as Indonesian, I'm flattered that you like our food and our country.
Indonesia can't wait to have you as their guest ;) happy traveling and enjoy exploring the beauty of Indonesia :)
thanks a lot Michelle!

@Dwiana's Kitchen: hehehe, gak usah malu ah Dwi, lagian minimal dua bukan?
minggu ini temanya Jamaica... aku lagi bingung mau ikut apa gak :D

@Judith: Mbak... ini memang asem-asem orang Solo, soalnya ibuku 20 tahun tinggal disana :D

@Shandy: you are most welcome Shandy. I hope you'll like the dish from my mom recipe :)

@A.G: betul Yin, asem-asem memang segeerrrrrrr :)

@HoneyB: thanks a lot!

@Sheila: udah mau udahan juga deh Sheil, hihihi... dirimu sibuk banget ya, sampe kelewat Olimpiade :)
terimakasih Sheil, sebetulnya gue juga udah mulai mati gaya sih ngatur-ngatur makanan, secara gue memang paling lemah soal food styling :D
itu mangkok hasil angebot semua Sheil :))

@Elsye: kayaknya banyak yg doyan asem-asem deh, abis emang seger sihhhhh

@Luigi: ayooo dong Mas Luigi, belajar masak juga.. jangan pake bumbu instant, rasanya beda loh ;)
terimakasih ya udah mampir

@Mochachocolata Rita: bukan kayaknya lagi Rit, tapi memang segerrrrrrrrrr
iya asiiikkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, hepi banget gue Indo dpt emas, horeeeeeeeeee!!

Andrea said...

That dish looks delicious! How wonderful that you were able to figure out the correct ingredient amounts to make it taste just like your mom would make. I just love visiting your site, it's like a vacation in food. Gorgeous photos!

Mona said...

Gorgeous Clicks!

Ema said...

mau donk fa.., btw udah bagus lg ya mood moto nya..?? hehehe....soalnya hasilnya top banget deh

Judy said...

The soup looks delicious. Once I find galangal I shall give it a try. One of my favorite meals was a 10-course Indonesian dinner. Yum!

Indonesia-Eats said...

sefa lafarrrrrrrrrr banget ngeliatnya

sefa firdaus said...

@Andrea: I'm able to figure it out simply because the taste is stuck on my tongue :))
I am glad that you like my blog. Thanks!

@Mona: thanks a lot!

@Ema: udah abis Mbak, kalo mau mah harus sabar bikin lagi :D
Mood motretnya udah lumayan, walau setiap ngintip di view finder kesel krn benang-benang halusnya masih ada :D
makasih pujiannya Mbak ;)

@Judy: I hope you'll find galangal soon Judy. Really happy that you love Indonesian foods. Really appreciate it!

@Indonesia-Eats: hehehe... asem-asem memang menggoda ya Pep ;)

test said...

seger banget Fa keliatannya..jadi laper lagi padahal baru aja makan malam..>_<

sefa firdaus said...

coba bikin By, seger loh ;)
knp juga itu namanya Test?


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