Apology - A Quick Notice

I would like to apology to all my foodie Indonesian blogger for not being able to participate in "Masak Bareng (Cooking Together) event yesterday (every last Thursday in a month). My LCD laptop light is broken, and now my laptop is being repaired in Toshiba and it might take around 3 weeks to be finished. I hope the repairment wont effect the hard disk other wise my unsaved data will be lost.

I wont be able to participate in this week My Kitchen My World and Simple Bakes. It's not only because my laptop is broken and I'm not able to upload the photo from my camera, but also I've been sick since last Sunday. I cant spend time in the kitchen to cook or bake and photograph the yield.

But please don't worry, I have some food photos that I've uploaded to Photo Bucket before. As soon as I feel better, I will post some new recipes and awards given to me.

Thanks a lot mates. Have a great weekend everyone!
The lavender above is for you all!


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