Banana Pudding

Photo above is my entry for DMBLGIT Dec 2008

Before I told you about this dessert, I want to apologize for delaying in responding your comments and also updating this blog. Some of my beloved readers asked me why I haven't posted new recipe. The answer is I lost my mood every time I tried to update some drafts that I've written. But I'll try my best to post twice per week, please bear with me. Thanks.

As you might have known that winter means lack of sun shines, means the duration to use natural light for food photography is shorter. Normally I photographed my food around 4-6 in the afternoon, but now the sun sets around 4pm, which means, I have to cook earlier in order to be able to capture my food. But these days I just don't have so much time to cook earlier, since I can only study in the morning (read: with the sun shines) then when the dark is come (though it's still 5pm), my mood to study is gone.

This banana pudding was captured in last September. It was my submission for a monthly event in Multiply called Monthly Foodie Multiplier (MFM). I did search recipes for banana pudding, but in the end I didn't use any of them. I came up with the idea of using Donauwelle recipe for the custard. Then, instead of garnish it with whipped cream, I used cocoa powder. Some of my friends called it as "Banana Tiramisu" since it used lady finger and cocoa powder.

I brought this pudding for my friend's farewell party. When it served in the table, it was gone in 60 seconds (ya ya... I love Nicholas Cage). They liked it very much! Thanks God, since it was my first try. *smile*

Want to prove the taste of this pudding? Why don't you give a try, then ;)

Banana Pudding
Recipe by me, inspired by Donauwelle's recipe

4 very ripe bananas, peeled, ring sliced
1½ pack lady finger (150 gr)

Custard Cream:
1/2 liter fresh milk
1 pack of custard powder (37 gr)
150 gr butter
100 gr granulated sugar

Cocoa powder

Custard Cream:
1. Take 5 tablespoons of milk (from the half liter milk), mix with custard powder and sugar. Mix well until dissolved.
2. Cook the rest of milk in a sauce pan over small heat. When it almost boil, remove from the heat then add custard mixture gradually and stir to avoid the lump.
3. Return the pan to the heat, continue cooking and stirring continuously until thickened. Turn off the heat and add butte into the sauce pan. Mix until melted. Set aside.

1. Place lady finger in a glass alternately with banana slices. Pour custard cream over. Garnish with cocoa powder. Repeat the steps until finished.
2. Store in fridge before serving.

Or you can make in in a baking dish.


mae said...

ini puding yg dulu dipost di MP itu ya ? hmmmm.... yummy bangeeet.... slurp :q

Ipoet - Gata's Mom said...

puding banana...enak yah banana dibuat puding....tapi kl dibikinin mau banget dueeehhhh..sslllrrruuupp

aku naksir taplak meja yg item tuhhh bagus motifnya..berasa old days yah

Dwiana P said...

great lighting Fa. lovely photographs in my opinion. btw, don't feel bad about replying comments I am the same way too. Somehow I don't reply the comment but will pay a visit when they do posting.
Lo kan tau susah duduk di dpn kompi terus2an.

Vania said...

Beautiful pictures Fa,...setuju ama Dwi, great lighting. Ini emang istimewanya pake 'props' kaca transparan.
Eh iya, thanks award-nya ya Fa. You're very nice!
*nyomot segelas pudding aaah.

A.G said...

hehe.. motret kejar-kejaran ma matahari. Sama kyk aku disini malah parah lg Sef,jam stgh 4 udah kyk magrib :( makanya skg msknya pagi-2 hehe biar jam 12-2an bs motret :P

btw pudingnya gleks....bikin ahh soale ada pisang nganggur :D

Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow looks yummylicious.

Chandani said...

banana pudding looks so good!!! you have captured the pics in perfect light:)

MiNDY said...

schönes Licht, Fa.
duh sut lama gw ga bikin pudding. jadi pengen euy

Mochachocolata Rita said...

waw cakep banget warnanya eeiei...ntar aku reserved kalo sous chef dah kelar therapy ahhh eiei

Resto Mariena said...

hmmmm poto nya bgs n resep nya mantap, sef......

Abby said...

oh gosh..beautiful Fa!
perfect shot...
nti pengen nyontek resepnya yaaa..:x

sefa firdaus said...

@Mae: 100 untuk Mae :D
udah lama didraf aja, baru sempet skg diposting :D

@Ipoet - Gata's Mom: ya ampun... ini mah bikinnya sambil merem juga jadi Mama Gata...
kalo dekor kue tuh yg susah :D

btw, itu bukan taplak meja loh... itu kerudungku :D

@Dwiana P: thanks a lot Dwi..
iya Dwi, kadang suka gak enak hati gitu... dan selama ini sih gue selalu berusaha mampir ketempat temen-temen
thanks a lot ya Dwi

@Vania: makasih Van....
soal award, your welcome... dirimu memang pantas dapat award kok ;)

@A.G: iya nih... gawat banget, jam 4 udah sunset, jadilah jam 6 gue udah ngantuk :D
gue mah baru bisa masak jam 2 siang Yin... biasa, belajar dulu.. kalo gak bakalan males :D

@Kitchen Flavours: indeed!

@Chandani: thanks Chandani!

@Mindy: danke Ndoel...
ayooo bikin puding juga... cocok buat ngemil :D

@Mochachocolata Rita: suka warna kuning Rit?
sous chef terapi apaan?

@Resto Mariena: makasih Mar... resepnya mantep dan gampang :D

@Abby: makasih By.. silahkan dicontek... ditunggu postingannya ;)

S O F I A said...

tante, kalo di jakarta lady fingernya pake apa ya..? maklum, rada lemot kalo soal masak, sangat berbeda dengan soal makan..

Ike Hermawan said...

mampir mbak Sefa...mau donk puding mangganya...cleguk...

Marija said...

Beautiful photo, congratulations on winning DMBLGIT!

Sandra Avital said...

congratulations, Sefa!! such a gorgeous photo!

Mimi Hitam said...

dear mba sefa.. granulated sugar itu apa ya :D

juan said...

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