Born to Be Loved

Anna Lia.jpg

Baby A is my German’s client. We did the photo shooting in November 2011 last year. More photos will be posted soon.

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Knoch Family’s Vintage Picnic

A family is a little world
created by love…

“Daddyluv.. mommyluv…”
that’s how Miguel Knoch calls his parents.

Knoch family is nothing but love!


To see more photos from this beautiful family, simply click the link here and obtain the password from them.

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Adorable Baby Q

A daughter is a little girl who grows up to be a friend.
~Author Unknown

Baby Q was 6 days old when she got her photo session but she could finish it in short. She is such a cutie!



To see more photos of this adorable little baby, visit the gallery here and ask Baby Q family for password.

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After The Rain

… the weather was kinda humid and hot, but this family still could enjoy the picnic.



More photos will be posted later this week.

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