Ayam Pedas Nenek (Grandma’s Spicy Chicken)

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Been away for ages from blogging. I just need to find my mojo, so I can be a good blogger once more. For the sake of hosting and domain fee, let me start by sharing you my mom’s recipe. Yup, it’s my mom’s, my son’s grandma (but I do believe that she got the recipe from my late grandma, her mother). Ayam Pedas is also known as Ayam Balado. We called it ayam pedas as it is spicy (pedas), though sometimes my mom didn’t make it that hot. My son, loves ayam pedas as much his cousins love it. Everybody loves my mom’s ayam pedas, including our relatives and friends. My son, can eat ayam pedas everyday, three times a day. He never get bored of it and for him, ayam pedas nenek is the best. Funny thing happened...

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Black and White Wednesday #96

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  Just found out today that Black and White Wednesday’s event created by Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook is still on, yet it is organized by Cinzia of Cindystar and hosting by different foodies every week. This week is hosting by Haalo of Cook Almost Anything.   Here I am sending Haalo my 3rd participation in this event after this one and that one.   Ayam Kecap Bango (Kecap Bango’s Roasted Chicken). Recipe here   If you want to join, please read the rule in this blog post.   See you...

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Ayam Kecap Bango (Kecap Bango’s Roasted Chicken)

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I cooked this roasted chicken almost a year ago when I was abroad, but was lazy to post it. It was an emergency recipe when my son and I were alone at my friend’s house. I wanted to cook something yummy but easy and quick to make, while I had in the kitchen was only chicken. At first I was thinking to make chicken soup, unfortunately some spices were not available at my friend’s kitchen. After checking what kind of spices she had, I decided to create something new by utilizing new variant of Kecap Bango “manis, pedas, gurih” (sweet, hot, umami) I brought from Indonesia.     The result was good. Though the soy sauce was hot yet the end result was acceptable by my toddler son. Now let me share you the recipe, but pardon me for...

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Simple Beef Soup

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We (me and my son) are back in Bremen since 10th of October. It is cold here in Northern Germany especially for us who just came from Jakarta with its 30 something degree Celsius weather. The good news about cold weather is: it raises the appetite of my son, the bad news is: mine too 😀 In this such weather, soup never fails to keep us warm. Beef soup is one of my son fav, and he kept asking me “bibu, sup-nya mana?” (mommy, where is the soup?) when eating. His grandma (my mom) used to cook him this kind of soup, only with oxtail instead of beef shank. The one I share here is my own recipe as I need to cook something fast with less effort. Gott sei Dank it turned yummy and my little boss said...

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Bakwan Malang (Malang Special Meatball Soup)

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If I told you that the food below was cooked by me, so you can call me a liar (not a lawyer *yeah, not funny right!). I bought it err I mean my sister bought it when we made our electronic ID (yay! soon the Jakartans will have e-ID or known as e-KTP in bahasa Indonesia). This food brings back my high school memory as I used to eat when visiting my friend. The food stall was in front of her house before moving near to kelurahan, place where we made our e-ktp. Now it has bigger place and more variant in food yet the taste remain. I photographed this food, albeit not mine. The reason is because long time ago when I took food photos without knowing what is shutter speed, aperture, etcetera, etcetera, I posted the recipe...

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Rendang – The Most Delicious Food in The World

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After one year of doing nothing to this domain and almost 2 months of being under repaired, finally this domain is having its own hosting under my name. I am happy with it though I lost the old URL (http://dapur.negeridongeng.com) and all the files. Never mind 😉 As urang awak/Minang (people originally from West Sumatra) I am proud that Rendang chosen as the most delicious food in the world by CNN‘s readers around the world, hence this post. The first time I cooked Rendang was in 2007 after getting the recipe written by mom. My first attempt was a success hence I dared myself to cook 3kg Rendang for celebrating Eidul Fitri 2007. It was also a big hit as they said mine was a real West Sumatran Rendang. Yay! Then everytime I cooked it, I got nothing but...

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