Siomay Abang-abang (Street Vendor Siomay)

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The story began when a little boy lose his appetite. Bibu’s trying hard to cook something special so his appetite will rise again. It started with Pfannkuchen, then Bubur Ayam, following by Burger and some more until one day he said: “Bibu, I want to eat siomay abang-abang”. When he said abang-abang, means I have to make the one with more tapioca flour than the fish. By the way, abang-abang is a male street vendor. Then, the story continued by me searching for the recipe, but nothing is really interest me. Actually I once posted the recipe of street vendor siomay in Multiply (MP), but since MP is shutdown and I didn’t back up all my recipes there, so… nothing. One thing I remembered is this siomay must be rubbery (hence the big amount of tapioca flour). Luckily, I...

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Heavenly Blush: Be Good With Yogurt Inspired Food

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  Dua minggu lalu, tepatnya 27 Oktober 2013, Indonesian Food Blogger (IDFB) (komunitas foodie blogger Indonesia) bekerja sama dengan Heavenly Blush mengadakan acara Resto Review & Photo Challenge disalah satu outlet Heavenly Blush yang terletak di Pondok Indah Mall 2. Berhubung saya sudah cukup lama tidak buka FB, saya tidak tahu ada acara ini kalau saja teman baik saya tidak mengabari via messenger. “Sef, elo ikutan acara ini gak?” katanya sambil memberikan link. Awalnya saya enggan berpartisipasi karena saya lagi jenuh dengan food photography, kebetulan hari-hari saya sedang diisi kegiatan motret makanan untuk proyek yang sedang saya kerjakan plus tanggal 27 Oktober bertepatan dengan diadakannya Jakarta Marathon yang artinya akan banyak ruas jalan yang ditutup, membuat mood saya semakin drop. Sayapun minta ijin kepada Tika (admin IDFB) untuk tidak datang. Hari H, saya yang sudah memutuskan untuk tidak ikut...

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Black and White Wednesday #4

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I read about this event from Facebook. It’s Arfi of HomeMadeS who posted about it. I went instantly to read more about this event held by Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook. To know more about Black and White Wednesday, simply click this link. My entry above was taken in October 2010 after a long hiatus both in foodblogging and food photography. The recipe can be found in this post. I edited this photo into black and white using Light Room, then I save the edited setting as a preset, so next time I can save my time. So, what do you think? Dare to join Black and White...

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Asam Padeh Tenggiri

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When I searched some recipes, I came across a blog that really stole my attention. It is not a foodie blog, but it contains trips and trick in food photography. She wrote about lighting and a beautiful photograph of cendol (an Indonesian traditional dessert) had caught my eyes. I left a comment then the conversation began. Then after some time, I know that she has a food blog too. Her blog design is very simple, but the recipes inside will make you stay for long and hungry at the same time since it’s accompanied by beautiful food photos. I asked her to be a guest writer in my blog, and without hesitant she directly said yes. She cooked Asam Padeh Tenggiri for the first time especially for me. I’m flattered since I am West Sumatran descendant and this meal...

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