Masak Tanpa Repot Berkat Black Garlic

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Sudah dua minggu ini, hari Selasa menjadi hari yang paling dinanti K, anak saya, karena artinya Bibu (saya) akan masak masakan istimewa. Sebelum teman-teman membayangkan betapa repotnya saya pergi belanja dan memilih bahan makanan yang segar dan berkualitas, saya kasih tau aja ya.. bahwa yang saya lakukan hanya duduk manis di rumah, semua yang saya butuhkan akan sampai di rumah saya dengan selamat diantarkan oleh kurir yang ramah dan bisa diandalkan. Oh, tentu sebelumnya saya pesan dulu dong makanannya lewat Caranya gampang, kita tinggal pilih menu yang tersedia, pesan, bayar dan tentukan kapan pesanan harus diantar, dan tunggu deh. Oya, sebetulnya ini pengalaman kedua saya dengan Black Garlic, karena tahun kemarin saya sudah mencoba masakan mereka dan sukaaa. Chicken Schnitzel with Cream Cheese Sauce and Egg Salad Chicken Schnitzel with Cream Cheese Sauce and Egg Salad adalah menu...

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Ayam Pedas Nenek (Grandma’s Spicy Chicken)

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Been away for ages from blogging. I just need to find my mojo, so I can be a good blogger once more. For the sake of hosting and domain fee, let me start by sharing you my mom’s recipe. Yup, it’s my mom’s, my son’s grandma (but I do believe that she got the recipe from my late grandma, her mother). Ayam Pedas is also known as Ayam Balado. We called it ayam pedas as it is spicy (pedas), though sometimes my mom didn’t make it that hot. My son, loves ayam pedas as much his cousins love it. Everybody loves my mom’s ayam pedas, including our relatives and friends. My son, can eat ayam pedas everyday, three times a day. He never get bored of it and for him, ayam pedas nenek is the best. Funny thing happened...

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Back with Jengkol Balado

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Gosh… October will end in 7hours (GMT+7) and I haven’t posted anything. Should I still call my self as a blogger? I don’t think so. I supposed to make a give away last 3 weeks, but suddenly something came up on the way that took the biggest part of my time and mind. Now I’m in a process on making everything right, I hope I’ll get the best result soon. Please pray for me. Thanks. Maybe it’s not a good idea to back in blogging with jengkol, as you know.. some people deny to like it for they are afraid to be called kampungan if they like to eat it. But I believe, jengkol is very popular among us, Indonesians 😉 According Wikipedia, Jengkol has a Latin name Archidendron pauciflorum (synonym A. jiringa, Pithecellobium jiringa, dan P. lobatum)   is...

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Kue Lapis (Layer Steamed Cake)

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It was in April 2008 when the first time I made this layer steamed cake. I got a big success on my first attempt and posted it here for a Chinese New Year event held on the net. I had a funny story about this cake. Once I brought it for gathering in Bremen and when it’s served, two old women enjoyed eating the cake by pulling it out layer by layer. This way of eating is my way when I was a kid and I believed they did the same when they were smalls 😉 They were so enjoy remembering childhood memory by eating kue lapis that way and they didn’t realized that they completed all the cake 😀 Then when the lunch time coming, some friends who saw my kue lapis searched for it and asked “where...

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Bakwan Malang (Malang Special Meatball Soup)

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If I told you that the food below was cooked by me, so you can call me a liar (not a lawyer *yeah, not funny right!). I bought it err I mean my sister bought it when we made our electronic ID (yay! soon the Jakartans will have e-ID or known as e-KTP in bahasa Indonesia). This food brings back my high school memory as I used to eat when visiting my friend. The food stall was in front of her house before moving near to kelurahan, place where we made our e-ktp. Now it has bigger place and more variant in food yet the taste remain. I photographed this food, albeit not mine. The reason is because long time ago when I took food photos without knowing what is shutter speed, aperture, etcetera, etcetera, I posted the recipe...

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Black and White Wednesday #4

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I read about this event from Facebook. It’s Arfi of HomeMadeS who posted about it. I went instantly to read more about this event held by Susan of The Well-Seasoned Cook. To know more about Black and White Wednesday, simply click this link. My entry above was taken in October 2010 after a long hiatus both in foodblogging and food photography. The recipe can be found in this post. I edited this photo into black and white using Light Room, then I save the edited setting as a preset, so next time I can save my time. So, what do you think? Dare to join Black and White...

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