Nastar Keju (Indonesian Pineapple Tart with Cheese)

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Recipe and story will be posted...

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New Year 2014

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Risoles Sayuran (Crêpe Stuffed with Veggies)

Posted by on Mar 14, 2013 in Appetizers and Snacks, Featured, Indonesian Culinary, Kitchenette, Noodle and Pasta, Vegetarian | 0 comments

Frankly writing, this risoles is not 100% veggies as I used only potato and carrot as ingredients. Actually the filling for it, was a leftover of bihun goreng. Nobody at home seemed to have appetite to eat more, so I decided to transform it into new food, then voilà.     The decision was right, risoles sayuran was a big hit, even my son liked it. Happy that I didn’t have to eat bihun goreng alone (yup, I’d rather to eat up bihun goreng‘s leftover than to waste it). Though risoles sayuran used bihun as one of the ingredients, but it is different from risol (risoles) bihun I posted on my old blog here. For the crêpe, I used my fav recipe by mbak Ine, my friend from Multiply (RIP Multiply), her recipe never failed me. Thanks mbak Ine....

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Putu Ayu (Indonesian Steamed Coconut Cake)

Posted by on Nov 20, 2012 in Appetizers and Snacks, Cake and Cookies, Dessert, Featured, Indonesian Culinary, Kitchenette | 6 comments

It’s a long overdue post that’s been drafted for ages. I made this Indonesian steamed coconut cake (Putu Ayu) in April, and supposed to be posted on May, but then I had to go abroad for some projects.. and you know the rest of the story 😉 Putu Ayu is one of many traditional cakes in Indonesia that easily found in the traditional market (pasar). This cake is pretty (that’s why it’s called “ayu”), fragrant (from the pandan leaf), “gurih” (from the coconut flakes) and tasty. When I was a kid, I ate this pretty cake by eating the top first and now, my 2y11mos son did the same. Cute isn’t it 😉 Want to try this cake but living abroad? Here is the...

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Kue Lapis (Layer Steamed Cake)

Posted by on Apr 13, 2012 in Appetizers and Snacks, Asian Culinary, Cake and Cookies, Dessert, Featured, Indonesian Culinary, Kitchenette, Modified Culinary | 6 comments

It was in April 2008 when the first time I made this layer steamed cake. I got a big success on my first attempt and posted it here for a Chinese New Year event held on the net. I had a funny story about this cake. Once I brought it for gathering in Bremen and when it’s served, two old women enjoyed eating the cake by pulling it out layer by layer. This way of eating is my way when I was a kid and I believed they did the same when they were smalls 😉 They were so enjoy remembering childhood memory by eating kue lapis that way and they didn’t realized that they completed all the cake 😀 Then when the lunch time coming, some friends who saw my kue lapis searched for it and asked “where...

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Black and White Wednesday #5

Posted by on Aug 10, 2011 in Appetizers and Snacks, Cake and Cookies, Dessert, Featured | 2 comments

I am indeed into this Black and White Wednesday since it gives some new perspective in food photography. Does black and white food photo will make you drool? If the answer is not, then it’s gonna be a real challenge for us and me of course. The red velvet cupcake above I ordered from my friend. Does it look yummy for you? It is for my hubby. To join the fun in making black and white food photos, just visit Susan’s blog and read the rule...

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