Asinan Bengkuang (Pickled Jicama)

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When it comes to asinan bengkuang (pickled jicama) the yummiest one was the one made by my neighbor. Not only its taste, but the memory behind it, a beautiful and happy childhood, when life was simpler that prevent me from moving on. Unfortunately, she (my neighbor) has retired from making and selling it and left me in forever searching. Until one day, my sister came home brought me a packaged of asinan bengkuang. At first, I was skeptical..afraid of having a broken heart if the taste is not good as the one my neighbor made. Still I gave it a try and I was happy! This is it! My childhood’s fav food. By the way, do you know that Jícama is high in carbohydrates in the form of dietary fiber. It is composed of 86–90% water; it contains only...

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Siomay Abang-abang (Street Vendor Siomay)

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The story began when a little boy lose his appetite. Bibu’s trying hard to cook something special so his appetite will rise again. It started with Pfannkuchen, then Bubur Ayam, following by Burger and some more until one day he said: “Bibu, I want to eat siomay abang-abang”. When he said abang-abang, means I have to make the one with more tapioca flour than the fish. By the way, abang-abang is a male street vendor. Then, the story continued by me searching for the recipe, but nothing is really interest me. Actually I once posted the recipe of street vendor siomay in Multiply (MP), but since MP is shutdown and I didn’t back up all my recipes there, so… nothing. One thing I remembered is this siomay must be rubbery (hence the big amount of tapioca flour). Luckily, I...

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Ayam Pedas Nenek (Grandma’s Spicy Chicken)

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Been away for ages from blogging. I just need to find my mojo, so I can be a good blogger once more. For the sake of hosting and domain fee, let me start by sharing you my mom’s recipe. Yup, it’s my mom’s, my son’s grandma (but I do believe that she got the recipe from my late grandma, her mother). Ayam Pedas is also known as Ayam Balado. We called it ayam pedas as it is spicy (pedas), though sometimes my mom didn’t make it that hot. My son, loves ayam pedas as much his cousins love it. Everybody loves my mom’s ayam pedas, including our relatives and friends. My son, can eat ayam pedas everyday, three times a day. He never get bored of it and for him, ayam pedas nenek is the best. Funny thing happened...

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Nastar Keju (Indonesian Pineapple Tart with Cheese)

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Recipe and story will be posted...

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Back with Jengkol Balado

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Gosh… October will end in 7hours (GMT+7) and I haven’t posted anything. Should I still call my self as a blogger? I don’t think so. I supposed to make a give away last 3 weeks, but suddenly something came up on the way that took the biggest part of my time and mind. Now I’m in a process on making everything right, I hope I’ll get the best result soon. Please pray for me. Thanks. Maybe it’s not a good idea to back in blogging with jengkol, as you know.. some people deny to like it for they are afraid to be called kampungan if they like to eat it. But I believe, jengkol is very popular among us, Indonesians 😉 According Wikipedia, Jengkol has a Latin name Archidendron pauciflorum (synonym A. jiringa, Pithecellobium jiringa, dan P. lobatum)   is...

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Risoles Sayuran (Crêpe Stuffed with Veggies)

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Frankly writing, this risoles is not 100% veggies as I used only potato and carrot as ingredients. Actually the filling for it, was a leftover of bihun goreng. Nobody at home seemed to have appetite to eat more, so I decided to transform it into new food, then voilà.     The decision was right, risoles sayuran was a big hit, even my son liked it. Happy that I didn’t have to eat bihun goreng alone (yup, I’d rather to eat up bihun goreng‘s leftover than to waste it). Though risoles sayuran used bihun as one of the ingredients, but it is different from risol (risoles) bihun I posted on my old blog here. For the crêpe, I used my fav recipe by mbak Ine, my friend from Multiply (RIP Multiply), her recipe never failed me. Thanks mbak Ine....

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