Indonesia Street Food Breakfast

Posted by on Mar 27, 2012 in Breakfast and Brunch, Featured, Guest Writer, Indonesian Culinary | 14 comments

Before I started my foodblog but already started to cook by my own (around 2007), Adventurelicious has been my playground. Reading the recipes and looking at the photos there were (and still are) my favorite activity whenever I have time to be online. It didn’t take times for me to instantly acclaimed myself as the author’s fan. I love the way she told us a story in each of her recipe and I adore her talent in food photography. Now, the author of my fav foodblog, Vania Samperuru herself, is going to share you her breakfast experience. It’s really an honor for me to have her as my guest writer. Now let’s join her breakfast adventure. Enjoy! ——– Breakfast is possibly the best meal of the day. It’s a ‘break’ from our nightly ‘fast’. It recharges and re-nourishes us...

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How to Save the Foodie from the Health Freak: Making Delicious Healthy Meal Plans

Posted by on Nov 9, 2011 in Featured, Guest Writer | 0 comments

I am so lucky to have James as the guest writer on my blog. In this post, he will share his tips on making a delicious healthy meal with you, my lovely readers. The draft has been sitting for weeks in my folder and been waiting to be published since last week. I got lower back pain and muscle problem on my ankle (I still have it up to now) that made me away from blogging. Sorry for the delay James, and thank you for sharing this article wit us. —- Yes, we all know that eating healthy is better for you in the long run. But following healthy meal plans seem to imply that you have to give up your love for food, the joy of tasting and savoring, that post-bite bliss. Indulging in fatty foods bogs down...

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Asam Padeh Tenggiri

Posted by on Jul 28, 2011 in Featured, Fish and Shellfish, Guest Writer, Indonesian Culinary, West Sumatran Food | 10 comments

When I searched some recipes, I came across a blog that really stole my attention. It is not a foodie blog, but it contains trips and trick in food photography. She wrote about lighting and a beautiful photograph of cendol (an Indonesian traditional dessert) had caught my eyes. I left a comment then the conversation began. Then after some time, I know that she has a food blog too. Her blog design is very simple, but the recipes inside will make you stay for long and hungry at the same time since it’s accompanied by beautiful food photos. I asked her to be a guest writer in my blog, and without hesitant she directly said yes. She cooked Asam Padeh Tenggiri for the first time especially for me. I’m flattered since I am West Sumatran descendant and this meal...

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5 Tips for the Budding Food Blogger

Posted by on Feb 19, 2011 in Featured, Guest Writer | 6 comments

The number of food blog sites on the Internet has skyrocketed dramatically in recent years. Considering the millions of amateurs out there, how do you make your food blog stand out from the rest? Good food photography is definitely a start. The following are a few tips for those who desire to venture out into the extremely saturated but ultimately rewarding world of food blogging. 1. Include recipes. A big mistake that many food bloggers make is that they don’t provide instructions for creating the wonderful food they’ve showcased. Although food photography can be stunning and appetite-whetting, it won’t consistently bring in viewers (unless they’re strictly photographers themselves). To keep your readers’ attention, provide concise but clear recipes. Give additional trouble-shooting tips by describing problems you encountered while cooking. 2. At restaurants don’t be the next perpetrator of food...

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