DMBLGiT Dec 2015 – The Winners!

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First of all, sorry for the delay in announcing the winners of DMBLGiT Dec 2015 Edition. Year end holiday has absorbed my energy and left tons of things to do. I believe this is also the reason why we only had 18 participants from around the globe. I hope to see more entries in the future. Second of all, I want to thank our wonderful and talented panel of judges; Ira Rodrigues, Matt Inwood and Mehmet Ateş have done their best by spending their valuable times in analyzing and scoring all the entries. Thank you! Now, let’s meet the winners of DMBLGiT December 2015 edition: Overall Winner – 1st Place: Pofferttjes by Putu Dewi Trisna Overall Winner – 2nd Place: Pumpkin Turnovers by Ayudiah Respatih Overall Winner – 3rd Place: Idli and Motherhood by Jyothi Rajesh Edibility Category Winner:...

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Does My Blog Look Good in This (DMBLGiT) Dec 2015

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It’s been almost 4 years that I hosted this monthly food photography event, called by some as “the grandest foodporn event available” on the web. It was DMBLGiT Feb 2012 edition, at that time, Andrew of Spittoon Extra, still in charge of DMBGLiT. After long hiatus, Neel of Learn Food Photography re-launching this event. As foodie that owe so much to this event, I am so happy that DMBLGiT is back. I met and befriended with some amazing foodie bloggers around the world from DMBLGiT. As a self-taught food photographer, DMBLGiT gallery was my literature. I studied how a beautiful photo was taken by observing participants photos, especially the winners. Thought I am no longer join as participant (my last badge was in Sept 2009), but I am always exciting to know who the winners of each month edition...

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DMBLGIT February 2012: The Winners

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Before I announce the winners of DMBLGIT Februry 2012 edition, I’d like to apology for the delay. Things came up on the way that consume more time in completing the score. Deeply sorry πŸ™‚ I really had so much in hosting DMBLGIT and it doubled by judging as well. The experience I got by working with some talented food blogger and photographers is priceless, something that I cannot buy nor find anywhere. Thanks a lot to Dwiana Porter, Leemei Tan, Meeta K. Wollf and Monika Topolko for your time and expertise in judging all beautiful 46 entries. I know it was not an easy works, but you ladies had done a very good job. Salut! My gratitude also goes to Andrew Barrow who gave me the opportunity to host again and to my good friend Shari of Whisk: a...

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DMBLGIT February 2012 – The Judges

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  DMBLGIT February 2012 is still in progress and I am still waiting for your stunning food photos until 20th of this month according to your local time. The gallery is up now and will be updated as I received your entry. And as I promised you here, let me introduce you the panel of judges who will help me in reviewing your food photos and scoring them based on their expertise in food photography. Here they are in alphabetical order: Dwiana Porter is now working her dream job as a photographer in Erie PA, USA. Though at the moment she is doing portrait and wedding photography more, but her love with food photography will never end as you can see in her new foodblog called Dwidlebug. She started her foodblog in 2007 until 2009 and during that period...

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DMBLGIT February 2012 – Announcement

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Wow! I’m hosting DMBLGIT (Does My Blog Look Good In This) again after 3 years! Yup, I was a host of DMBLGIT February 2009 at my old blog. After 3 years the excitement is still the same, I am happy that Andrew of Spittoon Extra, the administrator of DMBLGIT, gave me another opportunity to be the host after my long hiatus from food blogging and food photography. DMBLGIT September 2009 was my last one as participant by entering my garlic photo and won the aesthetic category’s badge. Here are some badges I got from this wonderful event. Before I jot you down the rules, et cetera, let me congrats all the winners of DMBLGIT January 2012 hosted by Jenn from Jenn Cuisine. Congratulations! And thank you Jenn for hosting last month edition. Without further bla bla, here’s the detail...

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