Pfannkuchen (German Pancake)


If you think that Pfannkuchen is the pancake you used to know, then you are wrong. But do not be sad, I thought so too. German Pfannkuchen is crêpes, not like American pancake you see in the magazine or some foodie blogs around the net.

I believe most kids in Germany likes to eat Pfannkuchen, at least this is what I heard from my friends. While Pfannkuchen is normally eaten for breakfast, at my son Kindergarten, he has Pfannkuchen for lunch.


Last week before sleeping while hugging me, K asked me to make him Pfannkuchen for breakfast . He said that at Kindergarten, he ate Pfannkuchen either with cherry sauce or vanilla sauce, but this time, he wants my vanilla custard that I used to make for Donauwelle.

Okay son, your wish is granted :)

I used the recipe from because it is very simple with good reviews by people who'd tried the recipe. I just made slightly modification by adding sugar and butter into the batter. Hey.. it's a rhyme ;)

Here is the recipe:

German Pfannkuchen

Recipe source:
Slightly modified by me

3 eggs
1 cup all purpose flour
1 cup milk
1 packet (7 gr) vanilla sugar (original recipe use: 1/2 tsp vanilla)
A dash of salt
2 tsp granulated sugar*
1 tbsp butter (melted) and some for coating the pan*

(* not used in the original recipe)

Combine all ingredients and mix until combine and no lumps.
Heat a pan over medium heat and coat the bottom of the pan with a little bit of butter.
Pour two ladles batter into the pan. Tilt and rotate pan so batter will run over it evenly.
Cook over moderate heat until pancakes are golden brown on underside; turn and brown second side.
Remove from the heat.
Continue to fry the rest of pancake until all the batter is used up.
Serve warm with your favorite topping (sweet or savory).

Then the story has a happy ending. My son ate it with vanilla custard, while mine with homemade apple jam.


By the way, some of my beloved readers wrote me message why I barely update my blog. Gee, frankly I cannot give any good reason, I just lose my mojo in blogging. I find it is hard to spare some time to sit and write when as the same time I lack of props and no tripod. Food photography without tripod is soooo not me. Tripod is a must, because I have a shaky right hand. It happened since I fall of inside the bus. Back in 2008, I could take food photo in low light condition with low shutter speed without tripod, but not anymore. I had gone to the Radiologist to check, the result is nothing wrong with my hand, yet still I cannot shot with small aperture handheld.

Now I am trying to use my mobile phone for food photography. All photos in this post were taken by my iPhone and edited with its software. What do you think? Please be kind to share your tips in doing food photography with smartphone.

Have a gorgeous weekend!



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