Risoles Sayuran (Crêpe Stuffed with Veggies)

Frankly writing, this risoles is not 100% veggies as I used only potato and carrot as ingredients. Actually the filling for it, was a leftover of bihun goreng. Nobody at home seemed to have appetite to eat more, so I decided to transform it into new food, then voilà.


Risoles Sayuran

The decision was right, risoles sayuran was a big hit, even my son liked it. Happy that I didn't have to eat bihun goreng alone (yup, I'd rather to eat up bihun goreng's leftover than to waste it).

Though risoles sayuran used bihun as one of the ingredients, but it is different from risol (risoles) bihun I posted on my old blog here. For the crêpe, I used my fav recipe by mbak Ine, my friend from Multiply (RIP Multiply), her recipe never failed me. Thanks mbak Ine.


Risoles Sayuran - Ingredients

To make the crêpe, you don't have to melt some butter or cooking oil if you use a good quality non sticky pan, as butter will give color to it (cmiww). I used a cast-iron pan I bought from Germany (another right decision to bring it along to Indonesia) and resulted in a beautiful crêpe. Unfortunately I forgot to photograph them, later maybe.

By the way, come to think of it, no matter how good the crêpe is, as it will covered by bread crumbs and fried. So, no matter which pan you'll use to make the crêpe, what matter is the taste ;))


Risoles Sayuran - Methods

Have fun cooking and don't forget to eat your risoles sayuran with cengek (bird eye chilli).



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