Sambel Tempe (Tempeh Chilli Paste)

Sambel Tempe 2

My first experience trying this kind of chili was last year, when my sister brought home her lunch box, it's from Mbah Jingkrak restaurant, a specialist in Javanese food. It was ayam bakar (grilled chicken) with some stir fry veggies plus fried tahu (tofu) and tempe (tempeh) and chilli paste called sambal iblis (devil chilli paste). Maybe you wonder why they named it devil chilli paste, but I can see the reason. It's a super duper hot chilli paste that made me cry while eating :D

From the net I knew that Mbah Jingkrak' sambal iblis is actually sambal (sambel) tempe. I read some recipes of sambel tempe, then because I  started to get addicted to this chilli, I decided to make my own.

If you also a big fan of Mbah Jingkrak' sambal iblis but living abroad, please do not be sad as I jotted you down the recipe.


Sambel Tempe - Ingredients

 Note: Ingredients can be adjusted to your liking.

Sambel Tempe - Methods

Sambel tempe is better to eat with white steamed rice. But it is not recommended for those on diet, as you'll eat more than your normal portion. Believe me ;)


Sambel Tempe



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