Waffle with Cherry Sauce

If I said I made this waffle, then you can call me Pinocchio. Yup, I lie if I said so :) This waffle was made by my good friend when I was staying in her house on my last visit to Germany. Every time she cooked this waffle, the house smell very nice. She told me that this waffle recipe is her hubby and son all time favorite. She said even her son's friends will ask her to make this waffle whenever they spend the night there.

I was so lucky to have a chance to taste it and it was indeed yummy. She told me that this recipe has been on trial for quite sometimes until she got the perfect one. She said the secret is in the instant vanilla sauce, it makes this recipe special. You can check the product here. But if you just one to make a common waffle, you do not have to add the vanilla sauce in it.

With the recipe above, you can also make pancakes. Just by adding more fresh milk, you can have homemade pancake batter. You can adjust how much milk needed according your desire of the pancake's thickness. And still, your pancake will be as special as this waffle.

For the cherry sauce, you just need a bottle (a tin) of sour red cherry and cook them in a sauce pan over moderate heat. Add some granulated sugar or icing sugar (as you like), then mix until the sauce become thickened. Easy right?

By the way, for those you are waiting for the announcement of DMBLGIT February 2012 edition, please be patient. I put the post on scheduled and will be published on 8th of February. So while waiting, just prepare your beautiful food photos from last month, and choose the best one. Can't wait? Me too!

See you in the next two days ;)



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