DMBLGIT February 2012 - The Judges


DMBLGIT February 2012 is still in progress and I am still waiting for your stunning food photos until 20th of this month according to your local time. The gallery is up now and will be updated as I received your entry. And as I promised you here, let me introduce you the panel of judges who will help me in reviewing your food photos and scoring them based on their expertise in food photography.

Here they are in alphabetical order:

Dwiana Porter is now working her dream job as a photographer in Erie PA, USA. Though at the moment she is doing portrait and wedding photography more, but her love with food photography will never end as you can see in her new foodblog called Dwidlebug.

She started her foodblog in 2007 until 2009 and during that period she had won several food photography contests like DMBLGIT and Click. She is one my favorite Indonesian foodie blogger that always amaze me with her skill in food photography. She was one of the judge on DMBLGIT I hosted 3 years ago, and she did a very good job in reviewing the entries. I'm sure that she will give her best too this time.

Check out her beautiful works in food photography Dwidlebug at and lifestyle photography at Dwiana Porter Photography and do not forget to become her fans in Facebook.



Leemei Tan is a London based freelance cookbook author, recipe contributor, food stylist and photographer who was born in Malaysia. She is also the author of a beautiful food and travel blog My Cooking Hut where she presents her passion in food.

I adore her way in managing her food blog. She shares her reader fresh, simple, healthy and quick Asian & French foods and presents them in a beautiful food photographs.

Leemei will launch her first cookbook, Lemongrass and Ginger: Vibrant Asian Recipes, in April 2012. Just stay update by subscribing to her blog to never miss out the day!

Do check her mouthwatering food photos in her portfolio Leemei Tan Photography or follow her in Twitter and like her Facebook page.



Meeta K. Wolff currently works as freelance food photogrpaher, stylist and writer based in Weimar, Germany. She is also the author of an award winning blog What's For Lunch Honey? created in 2006 and that was the beginning of her love in food photography.

Meeta has a goal to make her readers (six thousand of them) to have a chance to "experience their senses like never before" by browsing through her blog. Her blog has been featured in media and been an inspiration for lots of people including me. Seeing her food photo is one of my enjoyment.

In April 2012, Meeta will be teach a Food Photography and Styling workshop in Dubai. So for those who live nearby, better to put the date on your schedule and register before it's too late.

Follow her in Twitter or like her Facebook page. Check her portfolio in Meeta K. Wolff Photograpy



Monika Topolko is the first overall winner of DMBLGIT January 2012 edition! Congrats!

Monika lives in Pregrada, Croatia and has been blogging since 2008 and has been awarded by 6 badges (and counting..) of DMBLGIT and one badge of Click. She writes her blog in Croatian but she provides her readers with an English translation for the recipe. If you find one that hasn't been translated, do not worry, just write her email and she’d be glad to help you.

Monika has a good eye for food photography. Her simple yet beautiful styling makes her food photos look more delish. You don't have to understand the language to know that the food she cooks is yummy because you can see it from the photos instantly. I love her works! Visit her blog Sweet Sensation to see for yourself.

Like her Facebook page and follow her Twitter.


Those gorgeous and talented women above will be the judges in this food photography competition well known as "the grandest foodporn event available". But by the way, panel of judges must be consist of 5 person, so who is the last one? Okay, here is the last judge:


Sefa Firdaus. Yes! That's me. Read more about me here.


Then what you are waiting for, send me your best food/drinks photograph and feast our eyes while reviewing your work!

See you on March 1st and find out who will be the winner.

Good luck!



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