Rendang - The Most Delicious Food in The World

After one year of doing nothing to this domain and almost 2 months of being under repaired, finally this domain is having its own hosting under my name. I am happy with it though I lost the old URL ( and all the files. Never mind ;)

As urang awak/Minang (people originally from West Sumatra) I am proud that Rendang chosen as the most delicious food in the world by CNN's readers around the world, hence this post.

The first time I cooked Rendang was in 2007 after getting the recipe written by mom. My first attempt was a success hence I dared myself to cook 3kg Rendang for celebrating Eidul Fitri 2007. It was also a big hit as they said mine was a real West Sumatran Rendang. Yay! Then everytime I cooked it, I got nothing but thumbs up. Thanks to my mom recipe ;)

The recipe in English will be updated soon as at the moment I am busy in preparing my departure back to Bremen. But don't be sad since you can find the recipe in Bahasa Indonesia by clicking this link. Read it carefully and give yourself a try. My mom's recipe is very simple and easy to be followed. Lots of friends have tried it and all of them are happy with the result.

Believe me, it is as scrumptious as it looks ;)

I'm sending this Rendang for Indonesian Foodblogger Challenge Chapter 1 with Food by Its Country as the theme.



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