Bakwan Malang (Malang Special Meatball Soup)

If I told you that the food below was cooked by me, so you can call me a liar (not a lawyer *yeah, not funny right!). I bought it err I mean my sister bought it when we made our electronic ID (yay! soon the Jakartans will have e-ID or known as e-KTP in bahasa Indonesia). This food brings back my high school memory as I used to eat when visiting my friend. The food stall was in front of her house before moving near to kelurahan, place where we made our e-ktp. Now it has bigger place and more variant in food yet the taste remain.

I photographed this food, albeit not mine. The reason is because long time ago when I took food photos without knowing what is shutter speed, aperture, etcetera, etcetera, I posted the recipe on my first blog in Multiply. For now, let me share you the recipe with photos of food I didn't cook, maybe next time I'll re-post with my own.

I used beef meatball dough for the filling. The recipe can be found here.

Bakwan Malang

Recipe from various sources, modified by me

What you need:
Bakso (beef meatball) and bakso dough, recipe here
8 blocks of firm white tofu, cut each into 4 part, scoop out the middle part, fill in the bakso dough
32 pieces wonton skin, fill in the bakso dough, steam half of the wonton and fry the rest
Soup, recipe can be read here

Preserved cabbage (tongcai)
Fried shallot (bawang goreng)
Chopped green onion
Chilli sauce
Sweet soy sauce
Chilli paste (sambal)

Serving Suggestion:
Place fried and boiled bakwan (wonton), tofu and meatball in a bowl. Pour the soup and sprinkle with tongcai, chopped green onion and fried shallot. Season with sweet soy sauce, chilli sauce and chilli paste when desired.

Before I forgot, Malang is a place in East Java, Indonesia.

Bakwan Malang recipe in Bahasa Indonesia can be found here.



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