Night Food Photography with Natural Light

For those who live in the northern-sphere must have experienced the difficulty in taking food photo during winter time. You had to race against the time in order to get the sunlight for your photo session. I bet you had been in a situation when everything was ready for a photo session but suddenly something came out your way like errr... the crying of your newborn ;) Then when you managed to put him/her back to sleep, the sun was not there anymore. You were really in need to shoot to get the best look of your food but unfortunately you don't have those fancy studio lights nor the do-it-yourself one.
If this scene happens to you one day, don't be panic, you still can shoot with natural light, but only this time mister moon is in charge of your natural light source. In this post, I will share you the tips on how to make it possible.

What you need are:

- Moonlight
- A place near window/door
- Tripod
- Flashlight
- The hero! (your food)


Exposure: 25s - Aperture: f/6.3 - ISO: 100 - WB: Auto

What you have to do:

- Place your DIY studion in front of the window/door. Open the dor/window (including the vitrage) to let the moonlit shines the room.
- Place your hero on a seamless dark background. Put a mirror on the place where you want more light. (In my case, I put it on the right side)
- Plug your camera on tripod, set your camera on timer or use cable release. Hold flashlight with your left hand, turn in on and spot on your food (to get your focus). Push the shutter button halfway down to lock the focus. Hold the shutter halfway down until you turn of the flashlight then push down the rest of the way to take the picture.
- Then voilĂ , your photo is there ;)

Shoot with the smallest ISO and the longest speed to get the best result.

Berliner 2

Exposure: 30s - Aperture: f/6.3 - ISO: 100 - WB: Auto

As you can see from the both photos in this post, I used the long shutter speed (25s and 30s with ISO 100 to get the best result.
Hope this humble tutorial will help you overcome the darkness of winter time ;) It-also can be applied to working moms/dads who only has time at night to do photo shooting.




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