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It was in March 2011 when I got a phone call from a journalist of Tabloid Nova (a woman's tabloid). She wanted me to be her source for making an article about women photographer. I agreed to be the one since it can be a good advertisement for my carrier in photography. The not-so-complete column can be read below (sorry, one page is missing). Unfortunately, it's written in Bahasa Indonesia, but you still can see me and my son's photo in this article.

In June 2009, I joined some Indonesian's photographers in exhibition held by PPI Bremen (Indonesian Student Community in Bremen). It was a part of "Indonesian Day", a one day program to introduce Indonesian's culture to people around Bremen (and Germany). Indonesia Day was really a big success and got featured on (Indonesia news portal). My name was there though misspelled as Sheifa Firdaus instead of Sefa Firdaus, yet I was (and still am) proud to be mentioned on media. To read the article, simply click this link.



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