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Gee, what should I say as an excuse for again abandoning this blog? I really don't have any other but the classic one, "busy".

Last January, I taught a basic food photography class for The Urban Mama's members in Jakarta. The class held at Sadwich House 71, a nice place with good foods but too small for a food photography class with 20++ participants. They brought different type of cameras (pocket digital camera, dslr, handphone) but came with the same reason, food photography.

At first I didn't mean to teach a food photography class (as I am just rookie in it), I just wanted to help a friend (The Urban Mama founder) who wants to learn more about food photography. Then since some other friends (in TUM) asked the same thing, so I asked her whether is it okay to make it as workshop, and she agreed. Surprisingly, I didn't know that she made it as an official off-air event of TUM. Wow, what a nice surprise!

taken by Canon Ixus 95IS

I asked Vania, my fav foodie blogger, the owner of the famous V-Recipes, to join me in teaching. She said yes and then we started to discuss about the class seriously. We shared the job as I gave the basic photography and food photography and she took the part of styling in food photography (she even brought her props along, cool no!). I was totally excited to teach and to finally meet Vania (yes! we've been communicated through the net, but never met in person).

Taken by Canon EOS 400D

Unluckily I didn't have time to capture the sandwich provided by the restaurant and neither did Vania. We were to busy answering the questions. I only managed to capture one photo by accident (I was showing my fav angle).

The star

It was really a great experience teaching basic food photography to some enthusiast urban mamas. Thanks alot for coming ladies!

The full article about this food photography class can be read in here, but sorry it is in Bahasa Indonesia.



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