5 Tips for the Budding Food Blogger

The number of food blog sites on the Internet has skyrocketed dramatically in recent years. Considering the millions of amateurs out there, how do you make your food blog stand out from the rest? Good food photography is definitely a start. The following are a few tips for those who desire to venture out into the extremely saturated but ultimately rewarding world of food blogging.

1. Include recipes.

A big mistake that many food bloggers make is that they don’t provide instructions for creating the wonderful food they’ve showcased. Although food photography can be stunning and appetite-whetting, it won’t consistently bring in viewers (unless they’re strictly photographers themselves). To keep your readers’ attention, provide concise but clear recipes. Give additional trouble-shooting tips by describing problems you encountered while cooking.

2. At restaurants don’t be the next perpetrator of food photo faux pas.

In a recent San Francisco Chronicle article, food critic Jon Bonne describes a veritable epidemic of amateur food photographers invading restaurants and disrupting the dining experience. Bonne gathered some suggested ground rules from restaurateurs for food photographers at restaurants. First, don’t use flash. It’s usually bad for your photos and it’s annoying for patrons. Second, don’t take too long, or else the food will get cold. Always ask permission if photographing someone else’s food. Above all, be discreet.

3. Take good pictures.

A food blog newbie will snap pictures of food carelessly. On the other hand, professional food photographers have skilled training and experience, not to mention extremely expensive technical equipment and usually a food stylist, so don’t be intimidated if your pictures don’t turn out as they do on billboards and glossy magazines. Be sure to take time to establish your shot, and stabilize it with a tripod. Try to cut the food in geometric shapes--it’s more professional. Showcase the strongest ingredients of the dish. For more photography tips, see Living Room’s article, “How To Take Mouth-Watering Photos of Food .

4. Regularly check comments and respond.

While this tip should hold for all blogs, it is especially important to engage in comment sections of your food blog, because often your readers will have questions about recipes and restaurants, questions that only you can answer. Respond to question comments as often as possible, be encouraging and specific, and don’t engage trolls or spammers.

5. Find a focus for your blog.

Food blog popularity is predicated on its angle of specialty. While it isn’t impossible to start a successful general interest food blog, these successes are usually only reserved for extremely experienced web designers, or already famous food critics. What kinds of foods are you interested in? Is there an unusual ethnic food in which you are an expert? Find an angle, and stick to it.

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