The Reason...

Why I abandoned this blog is this cute little boy, a beautiful gift from heaven for me and my hubby. Let me introduce you my beautiful Kareem.

Hope this picture can answer all the questions I got in my inbox. Please bear with me, as soon as I can manage the time being a new mom, I'll blog again.

For those who sent me email, I am sorry that I can't reply yours yet, I'll try my best to do it soon.

And thanks for reading though this blog is dying ;)

Sefa Firdaus


Tuty said...

Don't let the blog die. You're taking a hiatus and deservedly so. What a blessing to have such a wonderful looking boy. May God bless Kareem and protect him from all harm.

Congratulations to you and your husband.

dela said...

aw.. cute boy!
congratulations, but please never leave your blog anymore.. :p

Jennifer said...


ayu said...

Barakallahu mbak, semoga jadi anak yang shalih, cerdas dan pejuang Islam yang tangguh! Amieen

Nawal said...

Congratulations Sefa !!!
Kareem is The Best reason for not Blogging ;-)

Take care and Bravo for You and your Hubby !

evida said...

Congratz ya Sefa cantik ....... semoga Kareem selalu menjadi penyejuk jiwa orangtuanya. Sukses dan bahagia selalu :-)

Dhita said...

Enjoy those precious moments with the little one. Blogging gampang bisa kapan aja, tapi moment2 kaya gini ga akan terulang....

Again, kiss yang banyak buat baby Kareem

Jual Bermacam-macam Miniatur said...

Congrat.....!! sweet son

Nama Pengguna said...

i miss ur posts and ur recipes... but i guess that super cute baby boy deserves your full attention. he's lucky to have a mom who loves him. God bless :)

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It is great to have a baby.
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