Sate Padang (West Sumatran Satay)

I prefer to translate Sate Padang into West Sumatran Satay as Padang is the capital city of West Sumatra province. According to Wikipedia, there are 3 varieties of West Sumatran Satay but they are commonly called as Sate Padang.
Those 3 variants are: Sate Padang, Sate Pariaman and Sate Padang Panjang (it named after the city in West Sumatra). All of them are made from beef and oxtongue, the differences are from the sauce.

Sate Padang has a very hot and thick sauce made from peanut and lots of chilies. It is said that Sate Padang has a combination taste between the other two (Sate Pariaman and Sate Padang Panjang).

Sate Pariaman has a red sauce while Sate Padang Panjang has a yellow one. The both sate has different taste. Sate Ajo Laweh is the famous satay from Pariaman and Sate Mak Syukur is known as the best one from Padang Panjang and well known all over West Sumatra.

So, I believe now you know where to go to eat Sate Padang where you are in Pariaman or Padang Panjang. For the one in Padang, I haven't got any information which one is the best, but when I was there, it's easy to find the one that can spoil your belly. Yummy!

I've been trying so long to get the recipe of Sate Pariaman, but never got one. Then I always try to avoid using turmeric when making it, yet you can see from the photos here that they are still yellowish. I believe it happened because of the turmeric leaves I used.

Let's not worry about the color of the sauce I made since the taste was really heaven. I'm not writing this because I'm the one who made it, but when my better half grilled the satay, the smell reminded me of the one sold by our fav street vendor back home. Then when you put them all together, my hubby said that it's like Eid in his mouth (you might known is as "it's like Christmas in my mouth").

Now, let's me share you the recipe so you don't have to suffer from seeing the photos or reading my story as you can make your own. Believe me, this recipe never failed.

Sate Padang (West Sumatran Satay)
Recipe from various sources and modified by me.

1 kg oxtongue (or beef or combination of two)
12 lime kaffir leaves
4 stalks of lemongrass, take only the white part, bruised
2 turmeric leaves, shredded (optional)
Salt and sugar as needed
12 tbsp of rice flour, dissolved with small amount of water
Water for boiling the beef tongue
Bamboo skewer
Cooking oil

Spices, grind:
12 cloves of garlic
10 red chilies (you can add more according to your taste bud)
2 knucklebones of ginger
1 tsp cumin powder
2 tsp coriander powder
2 tsp galangal powder
1 tsp white pepper powder
1 block of beef broth
Salt as needed

Rice cake
Fried shallots (bawang goreng)

1. Boil the tongue until half cooked. Sift the water and set aside. Clean the white part of the tongue and cut into cube form.
2. Mix the ground spices with the water from boiling the tongue. Fold in the tongue. Add lime kaffir leaves, turmeric leaves and lemongrass. Bring into a boil then reduce the heat, simmer until the tongue completely cooked. Sift the broth and set aside.
3. Thread 3-4 pieces of tongue into a skewer. Do it until all the tongue used up. Brush with a small amount of cooking oil and grill couple of minutes until both sides are brown (do not grill too long as tongue is already cooked).

1. Reboil the broth over small heat.
2. Gradually pour into rice flour mixture while stirring.
3. Keep on stirring until the gravy becomes thick.

Serving Suggestion:
Place Sate Padang and rice cake on the plate. Pour onto the sauce and garnish with fried shallots. Serve hot.

Now, what do you wait more? Let's eat your own homemade Sate Padang.

By the way, The Beauty of Red and White event is extended until 31st of August. Just send us your best red and white food photo.


Manyaro said...

Jadi pengen bikin...kayanya kudu combine effort nich ama tante tetangga...:)

Dian Degen said...

Sefa..thanks resepnya..terus terang gw nih ga pernah doyan ama sate padang..dan baru tau kalo pake lidah sapi (misua suka bgt ama lidah sapi..hehehe), jd pengen nyoba deh resep ini..

Foto2nya as always..mantaaappp!!

AuroraBelle said...

Sefa, this post makes my day..

mycookinghut said...

I have never tried sate pandang before! I think next time, I really need to make a trip to different parts of Indonesia!

Ema said...

maknyuuusss..., aku jd inget masih nyimpen stock bumbu satenya di freezer....:)

Star said...

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Amallia Eka Widyastuti said...

waduh enak banget nih satenya


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