Another Copy Paste Blog!

Just read an email from Bee of Jugalbandi (thanks a lot Bee) that told me about someone copied and pasted one full (Nope, not only one but 21 full) of my journal in his/her blog.

Here is the print screen of the blog:

Click image for better viewing

You can see the original post in my blog here and see the stolen version here.

Just found out that he/she posted lots of my post, like:
and more.

This is definitely a copy cat of my blog!

It is hosted in WordPress and I have commented on this post (and well, it is moderated). If in the next 24 hours there will be any response, I will report abuse this blog to WP admin and I will need your help to report abuse as well, so WP admin will definitely delete this blog.

Thanks a lot!


Kitchen Flavours said...

Truly a copy cat Sefa.....Hmm i wonder why did he/she left copying the comments....The only thing she did not copy from the post.

mycookinghut said...

I am so sorry to learn this! We have to be really careful!!

bee said...

here's another blog that copies from yours.
they have a program set up, where they lift whole blogs., comments and all.

bee said...

sefa, that first copycat blog uses, which is just a code platform, not so really, there's not much you can do except contact the advertisers on that blog. is just a software code. i use the same and they are not much help at all.

Shelvy said...

hemmm masih ada aja orang begitu

sefa firdaus said...

@Kitchen Flavours: Yup, he/she has made lost my patience :)

@mycookinghut: sure! In his/her blog there are 380post, I haven't checked all, but so far I found 21 posts are belong to me.

@Bee: hi Bee, thanks a lot for more. is my primary blog. I posted this issue there so my Indonesian friends know about it and prevent themselves in becoming another victim :(

@Shelvy: gak ngerti... jangan-jangan orang Indonesia juga lagi :(

Mira Assjarif said...

Oh my God another copy cat?? Gemes banget bacanya. Mana banyak banget lagi yang dicomot. Semoga cepet ada tanggapan dari wordpress-nya Mba. *hug..


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