Magnificent Click Contest - 2009

I just read about this contest over Lubna of Yummy Food. I surfed directly to the host blog and read the rules.

Gayathri of Just Urs created this wonderful event called: Magnificent Click Contest - 2009. What we have to do just send our best picture that has been posted in our blog. The photo also can be the one in the series but didn't post in the recipe.

So here I am, 46 minutes before March 16th (Central European Time), sending her my entries.

All photos above are taken by me with Canon EOS 400D.


Manyaro said...

Sefa, beautiful pics as usual. Eh, udah tutup yach eventnya :0) hehehe..
telat deh!

Ema said...

moga menang ya..., nambah banyak deh koleksinya ibu ini ntar hehehe

sefa firdaus said...

@Manyaro: makasih Ros.. iya udah tutup, lah gue juga liatnya pas 1 jam sebelum udahan :))

@Ema: amin - iseng-iseng berhadiah aja kok Mbak, gak perlu motret lagi :D

Kitchen Flavours said...


sefa firdaus said...

thanks Lubna

ROSY said...

Moga menang Sef...cakep bgt potona


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