DMBLGIT February 2009 - The Winners

Hosting DMBLGIT was really fun. Through 76 entries, not only I found some new blogs, but some new friends as well. Thanks to Andrew, the administrator of DMBLGIT, to give me this opportunity.

Before I reveal the winners of DMBLGIT February 2009 edition, I would like to apology for the delay as some judges were busy with their daily activities while me busy as student. But don't worry, our judges have done their best by spending their valuable times in analyzing all the entries. For it, let's give a big applause to our panel of judges: Andrew Barrow, Dwiana Porter, Helen, Sandra Avital and Thorsten Kraska. Words cannot be able to represent how I appreciate your hard work, judges. Kudos!

As you might have known that there are 6 winners in every edition, winner from Edibility, Originality and Aesthetics categories. From these, there are another three winners who has top overall scores in all three categories combined, called as Overall Winners.

Now, let me announce you the winner of DMBLGIT February 2009 edition:

Overall Winner - First Place:

Chestnut Mascarpone Mousse and Tuile Cookies
@ Baking Obsession by Vera from Vancouver, Canada
taken with a Canon 400D

Judges comments:
Everything in this shoot just so lovely. Well done styling and great lighting; Clean, simple and sharp. The composition is pleasant to the eye, the subject is original and the simple setting let the food speak for itself; Love the colors like a brown gradient with little notes of orange. Nice styling, elegant; Great presentation and food styling. The composition is easy, but it gives the attention to the styling here, which is important here.

Overall Winner - Second Place:

Classic Puff Pastry
@ My Culina Sanctuarium by Dita from Kuwait
taken with a Canon EOS 350D

Judges comments:
A lovely photo with a summery feel; Fresh and colorful fruits bring this shoot even more beautiful; The fruits are fresh, the plating is gorgeous. Everything screams "fresh" and "eat me!". Even if the back props are a bit blown out, this is completely forgotten because the food stand out so much. Great focus and DOF; Perfect light, focus, excellent composition, bright colors: the green paper surface is brilliant; This one is great. I like the strong backlight very much. Especially the colors are great and the fruit is standing out well. On a nitpicking point: I would have turned the plate a bit, so that the diagonal line would be more emphasized.

Overall Winner - Third Place:

Chocolate Cream Puffs
@ Café Chocolada by Medena from Michigan, USA
taken with a Canon EOS 350D

Judges comments:
A lovely shot; very mouthwatering; Good lighting and simple styling but yet very nice; Great focus and light. Good cropping and angle. The powdered sugar could be toned down a bit because there is too much blow out towards the back. Great composition with the alternating of white and dark pastry cream. There is thought behind it and care; I'm no chocolate fan nor like pastry cream but this shot makes my mouth water; The food styling is well done and also the presentation. The tight cropping is working here, because the sharpness on the front piece is well done. Maybe I would have tried to balance the blow out on right side more, but that is a personal thing.

Edibility Category Winner:

Tom Yum Gong
@ Our Family Favorite Recipes by Vania Samperuru from Mumbai, India
taken with a Canon 300D

Judges comments:
Yummy looking food with unique looking bowl; The photo has a nice comfortable feeling. The warmer color setting is working here. Maybe I would have chosen a "not black" background to get a brighter overall impression. I would have preferred the front handle more on the left side. It is almost in front of the food and tending to be distracting.

Originality Category Winner:

Seared Duck Breast with Pomegranate Reduction
@ by Christey Krause from Melbourne, Florida
taken with a
Canon 10D 50mm macro f/2.8

Judges comments:
Lovely range of colours, good positioning of props although the light highlights on the two glasses is off putting; The food styling is pretty as well as nice table arrangement; Very interesting color setting. I wished the focal plain would be more defined. Interesting cropping though.

Aesthetic Category Winner:

Roasted Garlic and Winter Squash Soup with Spicy Tomato Salsa
@ We [Heart] Food by Chris Duval from Seattle, WA
taken with a Canon Rebel XSi

Judges comments:
Complicated dish pattern is not too distracting from the soup; Nice play with the color, the silver tint seems dull compared to a clean spoon. Beside that framing is good and the tones are very inviting; Lovely colors and tones; The colors and lighting are well done, the focal plain should be on the garnish in center of the soup though. Although a dominating plate, it makes a nice framing.

As the host, I have a privileged from Andrew to give award to the photo I like, so this is my choice:

Host Award:

Sour Cream-Hazelnut Bundt Cake
@ notes from my food diary by Eliza Adam from Oregon, US
taken with a Nikon D300, 60mm lens

I love the mood given by this photo while the composition and presentation are perfect. This photo also got into the big five in overall categories. So it really deserves the badge of host award.

Congratulation to all winners. Hope this win will motivate you to keep on producing beautiful food photos. Please check your email for the badges and be proud to display it on your blog.

Thanks to Matthew for designing those beautiful badges and to Shari for sending them my way (thanks a lot for answering all my questions).

I thank all the participants for sending me your entries. I apology if during my work as the host, I did some mistakes. Don't forget to send your best food photo of February 2009 as DMBLGIT March 2009 will be hosted by Nika Boyce of Nikas Culinaria.

Have a nice day everyone!


Kitchen Flavours said...

Congratulations to all the deserving winners......

*14* by Regina B said...

congrats to all winners, they are lovely photos. the food really show the 'drooling' effect.

selamat buat bu hostnya, sudah selesai tugasnya dengan tuntas :D

mae said...

congrats ! bener2 pemenang yg layak. Fotonnyabagus2 semuah...

en selamat buat hostnya yg udah ngeround up :)

zorra said...

Congrats to all the winners and thank you Sefa for hosting!

Aparna said...

Those pictures are gorgeous. They deserve to win. Congratulations to the winners.

MiNDY said...

congrats to the winners.

Andrew said...

Some great photos as usual - shame that we can't have more winners and so many just pipped at the post!

Thanks for hosting

Mochachocolata Rita said...

congrats winners...gorgeous picturesssss. ^_^ rock on!

Passionate About Baking said...

Wonderfully hosted Sefa. Congrats to the winners. each picture is truly beautiful!

Dita said...

congrats to all winners.

Sefa darling, thanks for hosting.

Soma said...

Congrats winners!! wonderful well deserving pictures!

Medena (-Melitta-) said...

Thank you Sefa for hosting, thank you judges! This is a great experience, and I have also learned a lot!
All the entries are beautiful!!!!
Thank you all!!!

Yasmeen said...

Awesome pictures.Congrats to the well deserved winners.Great job Sefa!

Vania said...

Congratulations to all winners.
... very nice pics.
Special thanks to all the judges and super special thanks to the host,Sefa :).

Chris said...

Wahoo! Thanks to the host and judges, and congrats to the other winners! :)

eliza said...

congrats to all winners! Sefa, thank you for hosting, you're a lovely host!

SweetSensation said...

beautiful photos! congratulations to the winners! :)

Thorsten said...

Congrats to all the winners. It was a pleasure to be judge in this event.


Fitri said...

congrats to all winners, :-) and great job for Sefa..

*udah gue prediksi yang bakal menang hehehe..

Andrew Culture said...

Kudos to the photographers here, it's half the battle won if you've got a good snapper!!
Andrew Culture

(my siggy)
Badges are my thing...
Photos are also my thing...
My good living/ eating blog...
Writing random stuff is also my thing...

ice tea: sugar high said...

Gorgeous photos! congrats for the winner, and thanks again to sefa for hosting. Looking forward for next month's =)

Vera said...

Thank you very much! And congratulations to all winners! Sefa, thank you very much for hosting; you've done a great job!

la maman de naiya said...

wow..congrats for the winner! all the photos are lovely. great job mbak Sefa...eventnya syuksesss :))

Sandra Avital said...

Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to Sefa for hosting. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to realize how hard it is to be a judge in DMBLGIT but also how fun and great it was.

sefa firdaus said...

@Kitchen Flavours: yes! they deserve to win :)

@*14* by Regina B: makasih Mbak, iya.. lega euy akhirnya selesai juga :)

@mae: makasih Mae

@zorra: you are most welcome Zorra and thank you too for participating

@Aparna: agree!

@Mindy: thanks!

@Andrew: yes, you are right Andrew.. lots of beautiful photos at DMBLGIT Feb 2009 :)

you are most welcome and thanks for giving me opportunity to be the host and for your time to be the judge!

@Mochachocolata Rita: yup! bulan Maret ikutan lagi ya jeng ;)

@Passionate About Baking: thanks a lot Deeba.

@Dita: selamat ya say, fotonya emang keren ;)

@Soma: thanks!

@Medena (-Melitta-): your welcome Medena... love your photo. Congrats!

@Yasmeen: thanks dear.

@Vania: selamat ya say.. fotonya emang bikin laper :)

@Chris: congratulation once more Chris!

@eliza: your welcome Liz, your photo is beautiful and I know I chose the right one :)

@SweetSensation: thanks!

@Thorsten: I'm glad you had fun. Thanks a lot for your time in judging for DMBLGIT Feb 2009.

@Fitri: makasih Mommy Nisa..
wah prediksinya mantep... tolong dong liatin, foto mana yg harus aku kirim utk DMBLGIT March 2009?

@Andrew Culture: thanks a lot for dropping by and the siggy :)

@ice tea: sugar high: great! don't forget to visit Nika's webpage.

@Vera: Your welcome Vera.
Congratulation for more. Your photo is gorgeous.

@la maman de naiya: makasih.. alhamdulillah, 76 entries :)

@Sandra Avital: Your welcome dear. I'm the one who must thank you for spending your valuable times in reviewing and scoring all the 76 entries. It was great and fun working with you.

Ipoet - Gata's Mom said...

ya ampyun OMG apik2 tenan fotone khayald eh kl liat..hehehe..bagus bener..gitu aku dg pedenya ikutan hahahha....selamat2 buat pemenang


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