Click March 2009: Wood - Cinnamon Sticks

As you might have known that I am an administrator for an Indonesian based food photography group in Multiply. This month, we are having our 3rd challenge hosted by my best friend, Elsye and she chose "Herbs and Spices" as the theme.

I almost skipped this challenge as Bremen was always cloudy without sun shines and I depend on natural light so much. But then one day, when I was at my office, doing my master thesis, I saw that the sun shone brightly and the sky was blue. I decided to go home earlier to do the photo shooting.

Since we (the administrators of SLF) are in a hot discussion about high key and low key photography, I decided to give myself a try. I made some experiment from what I've read about high key and low key, too bad that none of those article I've read using natural light as the key light and I don't have any equipment to do artificial lighting (my one and only table lamp is broken).

The cinnamon sticks photo above is one of my experiment for low key photography. I still can tell you whether I was succeed in implementing it or not, but I do love the result. I love the mood given in the photo by photographing the cinnamon sticks on a low light condition.

The set up for my cinnamon's photo was I put a packaging carton of my monitor under the window and covered it with brown paper as background. I placed the cinnamon sticks in the middle and the supporting element behind it, and on the right and left side I put reflector covered by black fabric to block the light. So only the light from above window as the key lighting for this photo session. It was 6.30 PM so the light source was from the sunset sun.

As the star on the photo above is edible and categorized as wood, I send it as my entry for Click March 2009: Wood hosted by Bee and Jai at Jugalbandi. But before I made it sure by emailing the hosts whether cinnamon stick is considered as wood or not.

Thanks Bee, thanks Jai for the quick response.

If you are interested in seeing my experiment, just click this link.


sowmya said...

fantastic idea of clicking cinnamom sticks..never thought of it..tha picture is simply superb

Arundathi said...

that might be the most fabulous photograph i've seen for a long time. i do hope you win click this month - you deserve it!

Yasmeen said...

Sticks look awesome,you won't believe Sefa I shot some pics with Indian cinnamon sticks,hope to make that post next week:)

bee said...

just lovely, sefa. thanks for your entry.

sefa firdaus said...

@sowmya: Thank you Sowmya. I bet you'll get the same idea when you don't have lot of time to do your assignment :)

@arundathi: I'm flattered dear, and thank you for the support. Let the judges decide which photo deserves to be the winner.

@yasmeen: Wow, what a coincidence. Can't wait to see yours Yasmeen.

@bee: You are most welcome Bee. Thank you for hosting.

Elsye said...

waaahhh ternyata ikutan Click juga...asikk asikkk...good luckk sayyy...moga menang lagii...:D..gue pengen ikutan duhh nanti deh kalo ada mood moto lagi...:((

sefa firdaus said...

iya Els, kebetulan dibolehin kayumanis, kalo disuruh motret baru lagi sih gue juga males :D

Gayathri said...

wow excellent click

Judith said...

Ayuu banget fotone Sef, so klasik :-)

ROSY said...

cakep potone Sef..suka dweh ngliatnya. kapan aku bisa moto kayak gini heheh ngayal ah....salam jepret

Rajee said...

Great idea of cool stuff with cute pot. Where do u buy this cute pot? That's my favorite.


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