My Cooking Hut featuring Food is Love: Ayam Masak Habang

It was Helen who introduced me to Leemei through her blog, Tartelette when she informed us (her readers) that she wrote an article about Food Photography on My Cooking Hut. I clicked the link right away and started to explore the site after reading Helen's post.

It was love at the first sight if you may call between me and Leemei photography skill. Then I subscribed as her reader after leaving a footprint by writing a comment. Leemei visited my blog and after sometimes asked me to be a guest writer in her blog, writing about traditional Indonesian dish.
When she asked me to make Ayam Masak Habang (Chicken Cooked in Red Chilli Sauce), I directly asked my friend who's originally from Banjar, South Kalimantan, the origin of Ayam Masak Habang. Lucky me, she gave me the authentic one from her mother plus the bonus recipe of Nasi Kuning (Yellow Rice).

Thanks Mbak Hani for the recipe, please tell your mother how honor I am, getting the opportunity to try her recipe. This is the best Ayam Masak Habang and Nasi Kuning I've ever eaten. My better half love me more because of it. He ate a lot and forgot his diet. Kudos!

Thanks to you too Leemei, for featuring Indonesian dishes. All the best for you!

Need the recipe of Ayam Masak Habang and Nasi Kuning? Read them at My Cooking Hut by clicking this link.

See you there mates!


Kitchen Flavours said...

Droolworthy pics dear. Love the vibrant color of yellow rice.

Judith said...

Kereeen Sef fotonya :) hidangannya mau dunk.. Jadi ngiler nih, kalo contek resepmu ini tapi ayamnya thok boleh kan Sef? trus maemnya pake nasi biasa ato kentang.. hhmmm ... nyam nyamm :D

Mira Assjarif said...

Mba Sefa thanks banget nih sharingnya. Ide segar buat ngolah ayam. Abis bosen digoreng mulu. :)

sefa firdaus said...

@Kitchen Flavours: you have to try Yasmeen.. you'll like it!

@Judith: maksudnya ayam thok gimana Mbak? cuma bikin ayamnya aja? boleh aja kok Mbak... dimakan pake nasi putih atau kentang juga gak masalah kok.

@Mira Assjarif: sama-sama Mir.. nyoba ayam ini gak bakalan nyesel deh, enak soalnya :)

mycookinghut said...

I really want to thank you for your feature as a guest on my blog! I think through this, I have learnt Indonesian food from you! And I still think there are so many things about Indonesian food that I need to explore!
Thanks again!! :)

sefa firdaus said...

You are most welcome Leemei. I am really honored to introduce Indonesian food.

Yup, Indonesian foods are countless :)). Be happy to explore it.

juan said...

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