Candies - Introducing A New Food Photography Group

I think it's a perfect time to introduce a new food photography group to all my readers since we just get a big success on our first food photography challenge with Candy as the theme.
This group called Still Life Food Photography or shortened as SLF. It was established to accommodate the enthusiasm of Indonesian foodie blogger in learning food photography. Up to today, we already have 167 members (including admins).

Every month, members (including admins) have 3 weeks to do the task challenged by one of the admin, then after the round-up, the group has one week discussion (asking question, answering question, sharing knowledge, tips and tricks, feedback, etc that connected to the theme). Now, we are in our discussion after the round-up of SLF Challenge#1: Candy, and to tell you the truth, we really have fun in discussing what we'd done while shooting candy.

So, why don't you subscribe to this group and join the fun by learning food photography? Don't worry, in this group we don't care which camera you use, point and shoot, prosumer camera, dslr, slr or camera phone; what we care is your commitment to try your best to do the challenge.

To join this group, you have to have an account in Multiply (it is free!) and invite us here.

For those who are not Indonesians, we really are sorry. At the moment this group is only for Indonesian since all the poss are in Indonesian language. But if one day we want to go international, we'll let you know for sure.

But you still can see the beautiful photos submitted by the member for the first challenge in this album.

Sorry for not posting any recipes these days as I'm in my exam days until the end of January.
Hope you can enjoy my candies collages in this post.


Manuela © said...

The flower lollipops are so cute!

Great pictures :)

Judith said...

Waaah Sefa.. keren2 banget foto Candy-nya :) cute! Warna warni hhmm.. clingak clinguk kali2 anak2ku ikutan liat he he! ntar nagih candy ke aku dweh :D

gut lak sefa..

jesse said...

WOW your pictures are soooooo pretty Sefa! I would love to join the group, but how intimidating... so they take beginners as well you say?

Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow awesome presentation. Wish you people soon start something like this for everyone. All the very best for your exams dear.

Elsye said...

superr cuteee poto2 lo say...jadi malah sayang itu permen di makan..hahahhaha

YY said...

Hi Sefa, I'm just wondering how do I go about submitting my blog link for the contest for DMBLGIT February 2009?

Swapna Pravin said...

Lovely & colorful lolipop. I love the green one.

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

Wow, those really are some fantastic photos!


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