Tahu Gejrot Sederhana (Simple Bruised Tofu)

Been abandoned my blog for quite long. My reason might be cliché but I am being honest. I was busy with my study and my project at lab. The equipment needed finally arrived. Hopefully the project can be finished in the next three months before I do the second one. Please cross your finger to me mates, I really need it.

Nowadays, my beloved and I are busy re-decorating our home (the work that should be done last November) while at the same time I spend my time to take care of a food photography group that we (my Indonesian foodie bloggers and I) established last couple weeks. You can click the banner on my left sidebar (still life food photography) to see the group. But truly sorry that this group is only dedicated to the Indonesian community in Multiply.

Enough said, let's talk about the food that displayed in this post. It was my simple style of Tahu Gejrot (Bruised Tofu) and really not the original one. The idea to make tahu gejrot came after eating sweet soy chili paste for Soto Kudus.
Thanks to Dita for giving me the recipe of the chili paste that I am able to create the simple version of tahu gejrot.

The original tahu gejrot is from Cirebon, West Java. Its name is often said to be derived from the Sundanese words of "Cai" (or river) and "Rebon" (or "shrimp"). (Indeed the main production of the city is fishery including shrimps.) The alternative Javanese derivation is from "Caruban", meaning "mixture"--a reference to Cirebon's complex mix of Javanese, Malay, Sundanese, Chinese and Arabic cultural elements. While Indonesians from outside Cirebon pronounce the name CHEE-ray-bone, locals say Cher-BONE. (Source: Wikipedia)

Next time, I'll post you the original one. But first, just enjoy the fake but yummy tahu gejrot created by me.

Tahu Gejrot Sederhana (Simple Bruised Tofu)
Recipe inspired by Sweet Soy Chili Paste's recipe from Dita

Fried Tofu:
2 block of tofu, quartered each block
2 tbsp coriander powder
2 tsp garlic powder
Salt to taste
Vegetable oil for deep frying

Sweet Soy Chili Sauce (click for recipe)
Fried shallot for garnishing


1. Mix coriander powder, garlic powder and salt. Pour hot water, mix well.
2. Add tofu. Let it stand for an hour or more.
3. Drain the water. Deep fry tofu over medium heat until brown. Set aside.

Serving suggestion:
1. Place tofu in a mortar (normally in a stone mortar). Bruised tofu and pour the sweet soy chili paste on it. Garnish with fried shallot.
2. Serve with white steamed rice.


Dhita said...

whoaaaa.... itu biji cabenya ngundang diri skaleeee.... enaknyaaa!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

mau mau tahu gejrotnya...hihi kadang emang ada musimnya pas sibuk banget....jd ga sempet blogging yah sef

Lidia Sianturi said...

waaaaaaaa cobek...cobekku kutinggal di Montreal waktu pindahan ke sini Fa..skrg ga punya lagi...
Ngiler liat cabenya..

Fitri said...

iiiih... itu coba yaa..skali ng'update segala tahu gejroot.. wadooh..ga kuaat.. kmarenan Dita dengan tahu hitam nya *tersiksa lagi dweh..*

Cobek cantik amat Sefa..

Dwiana P said...

auuuuuu.... gk sopan itu tofu ama sambel bikin gw leleran. MINTA!! pokoknya minta..

Retno Prihadana said...

Kalo aku mau tahunya ama ulegan nya sekalian..he..he

Yasmeen said...

Simple tofu delight,looks spicy with the chilli sauce.

Elsye said...

pengennnnn...gue suka banget tahu getjrot...heheheh kirim lewat sms..wakakaka..cakep fa penampakannya

Abby said...

aduhh..tahu dan sambalnya..godaan..godaan...*sabar nunggu toko Asia buka lagi*
Sefa, potona tajem dan cantik:)

A.G said...

tahu gejrot slurup... :) akhire kamu apdet juga hehe

Rurie said...

Akhirnya update juga Sef.....iyah sama nih juga sibuk disini....
Tahunya secobek ya ama nasi hangat hihihi...

Judith said...

Seeeeffaaa aku mauuu dunk tahu gejrot, huiks ...


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