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Rolade Tahu Saus Jahe (Tofu Roulade with Ginger Sauce) - Masak Bareng Yuukk..!!!

Yayyyyyyyy!!! Finally I can participate in a monthly foodie event called "Masak Bareng Yuukk..!!!" (Let's Cook Together) organized by three talented Indonesian chefs, Ayin from AG'S Food, Dheeta of ...mLebu paWoN... and Shinta from .:Berkreasi di Dapur Mungil:.. Thanks ladies for making such a fun event, really enjoy it!

Btw, Happy B'day Ayin. Hope you get an unforgettable birthday in Indonesia and may all your wishes come true. *hugs*

October's theme is Rolade Tahu (Tofu Roulade), and as the rule, we have to publish the recipe every last Thursday at anytime convenience. The recipe can be from everywhere or the one we created ourselves and the post can be written in any language as we preferred. It is fun.. right!

Roulade is a French term meaning “rolled,” and referring to a family of foods which are, not surprisingly, rolled. Roulades can be sweet or savory, and they come in a wide variety of guises, from vegan delicacies to meat-rich extravaganzas. Some markets and delis carry pre-made roulades, and it is also possible to make a roulade at home, for cooks who like to have more control over their ingredients. These foods are also an offering on some restaurant menus. (Source:

Roulade that I made is filled with tofu and rolled with omelet. The recipe that I am going to share with you is my original recipe. That is why, it goes also to Original Recipe event organized by Lore from Culinarty - The Art of Microwave Baking. You know Lore, I am addicted to your event now. I always think of something new so you will put my name in your round-up and get more friends from it. Gee, do I sound like taking you for granted, Lore? *grin*

To make the roulade and its sauce, I used the leftover from my kitchen, but not for the tofu. I used the fresh one, since it tastes better. The sauce recipe is based on the one here with slightly modification.

Rolade Tahu Saus Jahe (Tofu Roulade with Ginger Sauce)
Recipe by me

Rolade Tahu (Tofu Roulade):
3 eggs
3 tbsp all-purpose-flour
Salt and pepper as needed
Vegetable oil

1 block of fresh tofu, mashed
2 cloves of garlic
4 bird eye chilies*
4 red chilies, angle sliced*
1 carrot, peeled, cut into small cube
1 stalk of scallion, thinly sliced
2 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tbsp fish sauce
1 tsp sesame oil
Salt and pepper as needed

* can be adjusted or omitted according to taste

Saus Jahe (Ginger Sauce):
2 knucklebones of ginger, peeled and ground
1 medium size purple onion
1 cup of water
2 tbsp oyster sauce
1 tbsp Indonesian sweet soy sauce
2 tsp lemon juice
2 drops of cooking vinegar
1 tsp sesame oil
2 tsp cornstarch dissolved in 2 tsp water
Salt, pepper and sugar to taste
Vegetable oil

Rolade Tahu (Tofu Roulade):
1. Combine flour and eggs in a bowl. Beat until incorporated. Season with salt and pepper.
2. Heat oil in a frying pan. Pour the egg mixture into the pan. Close the pan and cook over the small heat until done. Repeat until all the batter is used up. Set aside.
3. Grind garlic and bird eye chilies. Combine with all ingredients in a medium bowl. Mix well.
4. Place omelet in a flat dish. Spread tofu mixture on it and roll. Repeat until finish.
5. Wrap the roulade with baking paper. Bake in a preheated oven of 180°C for 35 minutes. Remove from oven and slice when it is still warm.

Saus Jahe (Ginger Sauce):
1. Heat oil in a sauce pan. Sauté onion and ground ginger until fragrant.
2. Add water and bring into a boil over medium heat. Season with oyster sauce, sweet soy sauce, salt, pepper and sugar.
3. Add cornstarch mixture. Stir and cook until thicken.
4. Drizzle with lemon juice, cooking vinegar and sesame oil. Mix for a while and remove from the heat.


Shinta said...

Kereen bangeeeet fotonya! :twothumbs: Pasti rasanya juga yummy abizz dah.

Makasih dah ikutan ya... Bulan depan ada lagi lho, masak bareng (lagi) yuk!!

MiNDY said...

huhuuu syirik, disana ada tahu, disini ga. kangen makan tahu.

chenmarlin said...

keren banget photonya, bikin ngiler pagi2 lihatnya

Judith said...

Mantap Sef fotonya :) Lha Rollade Tahu ku juga dah abis. Masak dua minggu lalu, makan dua minggu lalu. Posting hari ini :D

Semangat Sef ..

Mochachocolata Rita said...

keyennnnnn cantik banget hehehe...daku ga sempet bikin hiks hiks

Ipoet - Gata's Mom said...

Fa....Gata pasti demen nih...aku yo doyan kok hahaha....sippp..patut dicoba deh, suwun yah

Retno Prihadana said...

wah..segerrr pakai saus jahe, dingin2 begini ada jahenya asiiik ya fa.

Yasmeen said...

what lovely presentation,roulade sounds delicious snack with the ginger sauce:)

Dwiana P said...

Ini pada pesta masak2 bareng yah. gw gk ikutan masak deh tapi langsung meluncurrr kalau di undang qiqiqiqii

Thanks udah kasih tau Ayin b'day. doh gw rada2 ketinggalan jaman keknya nih sekarang alias gk update:(

PS: love you setting 'black & white'.

Thip said...

This one is an interesting recipe, Sefa.

天然パーマンTENNEN PARMAN [from Japan] said...

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I visited your site sometimes so far.
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thank you!

sefa firdaus said...

@Shinta: terimakasih juga utk pujiannya :) semoga bisa ikutan deh, secara kalo bikin pepes gak afdol kalo gak pake daun pisang :D

@Mindy: bikin sendiri coba Ndoel.. dari susu kedelai, dirimu pasti bisa, secara kreatif dan rajin ;)

@Chenmarlin: terimakasih banyak!

@Judith: makasih Mbak... hehehehe, kalo aku baru bikin sehari sebelum hari H :D

@Mochachocolata Rita: dirimu lagi sibuk banget ya Rit? aku juga tumben bisa.. biasanya gak sempet :D

@Ipoet - Gata's Mom: nah ayo dicoba.. pasti Gata makannya tambah banyak deh ;)

@Retno Prihadana: jadi anget Mbak.. apalagi kalo kegigit jahe yg gak keulek alus :D

@Yasmeen: you know what, I ate it with steamed rice :D

@Dwiana: iya Dwi.. pestanya Ayin, Dheeta sama Shinta. Gue juga maunya gitu, gak usah masak... tapi makan aja :D

Your welcome Dwi, gue juga taunya dari postingan Ayin.. asik dia, ultah di Indo.

Makasih.. gue lagi suka background item dan kebetulan bg yg lain udah pada dekil :D

@Thip: Hi Thip, thanks for dropping by. You should try this recipe, it tastes good.

@Tennen Parman: Thanks for linking to my site, I will put yours too.

Fitri said...

sefaaa..foto paling atas yang di bagian belakang penampakan nya keq flan..*halaah..jadi ngiler yang lain kan hihihi..

eliza said...

aku naksir piringnya Sefa :D

Lore said...

I am glad to see you are so dedicated to the Original Recipes Round-Up! It makes me so very happy :)
So that you know I am also hooked on your photos and recipes ;)

sefa firdaus said...

@Fitri: itu tahunya Mbak... dadarnya gak udah habis, akhirnya dicetak aja pake ramekin :D

@Eliza: cakep ya Liz, hihihihi

@Lore: I'm happy too Lore, to be able to participate in your event. Thanks a lot!

Resto Mariena said...

adje gile..poto na makin keren2 nih say. Duhh aku mau banget nyoba tahu ini ach..weekend ini perlu di coba...kalo yg puding dulu itu nti aja kalo tuk natal heee.

TFS ya Sef...o iya sorry kalo lg jarang kunjungan ( malu jg nih ama temen2 lain heee )..ini lg repot sih, adik ku baru datang jadinya dia banyak ngendon di rumah ku sambil tunggu suaminya pulang kerja. Miss u