Sup Jagung (Corn Soup) - My Kitchen My World #8 (China)

After reading a recipe entry from Dwiana of The Adventure of my cooking diary, I joined My Kitchen My World (MKMW) organized by Susan of She's Becoming DoughMessTic. Every week, MKMW will pick one country to be explored (from the culinary side) and the members have 7 days to find a recipe from the country chosen and post it every Sunday. Sounds like fun, isn't it?

This week is our 8th weeks and China has been chosen to celebrate the Olympic Games through its cuisine. Yay! Here I am presenting you our family favorite "Sup Jagung (Corn Soup)" as my first entry for My Kitchen My World (you can find all members on my sidebar).

The original recipe is from our niece whose father is from Palembang, South Sumatra. Palembang cuisine has influence from the Chinese since they have the biggest Chinese community there. Don't be surprise if you met a Palembangese but she/he looks like Chinese, since some of them has a Chinese descendant.

The first time I made this soup was based on request from my sister last two months. She told me that she missed this soup especially when she was here for vacation, the weather in Bremen was cold. She just told me what is the ingredients and I did the rest. Thanks God, they (sister, mom and my 5 years old niece) loved it.

The recipe below is a modification from the one giving by my sister. I add red chilies to make it hot. I used dried Chinese mushroom "could ear fungus" instead of button mushroom, and my decision to add red chilies and use could ear fungus was right, since my better half loved it (even he forgot about his carbohydrate diet as corn is one of it).

Sup Jagung (Corn Soup)
Recipe by my niece, Modified by me

1 can of sweet corn kernel (ca 340 gr)
4 carrots, peeled, small diced
25 gr dried could ear fungus, soak in hot water, drained, sliced
2 stalks of green onion, angle sliced
4 red chilies, angle sliced
1 block of beef broth (you can use chicken/vegetable broth)
½ onion, diced
4 tbsp cornstarch, dissolved in 100 ml water*
Water as needed
1 egg, beaten**
Sugar to taste
Vegetable oil for sautéing

Spices, puree:
1 medium size onion (original recipe used small red onion)
3 cloves of garlic

1. Boil corn, carrot and mushroom over moderate heat.
2. Heat oil in a skillet. Sauté pureed spices, ½ onion and green onion until fragrant. Fold in into the boiling corn. Mix well.
3. Pour into cornstarch mixture gradually while stirring. Season with sugar (you can add salt and pepper when needed) and continue cooking until the gravy become thick.
4. Gradually pour into beaten egg while stirring. Cook until set and remove from the heat.

* Cornstarch can be added according to the desired thickness.
** Using only white egg will make it healthier.


Elra said...

Hi Sefa,
Salam kenal ya...
I am glad that you join MKMW. It is a fun event!
Soup jagung nya menggiurkan sekali.

Shandy said...

Oh My Goodness! This corn soup looks so yummy and I just have to make this for my family. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful treat. Especially one that comes from the heart and from your family. Hugs, Shandy

Arundathi said...

we get this in india - its just simply called sweet corn soup! :) its a huge favorite - I've always wanted to try making this - and now I can! Thanks!

Dwiana P said...

yaw lo bikin buat yg minggu ini ya. Gw dah planning tapi gk jadi kebikin. too much going on here.
your corn soup absolutely delish!

Shelvy said...

hmmmm minggu ini off dulu gue gak ikutan heheheh
malas menjuru dapur hehehe

Andrea said...

This soup looks so delicious! Glad your taste testers enjoyed it. I love those mushrooms, we call them 'wood ears.' Thank you for sharing your recipe and the beautiful photos :)

Natashya said...

Great looking soup!
Here, when two people have the same idea, they say "great minds think alike"!
Your photography is beautiful.

sefa firdaus said...

@Elra: Hai Elra, salam kenal juga. Iya, ikutan ini gara-gara liat postingannya Dwiana. Fun banget, semoga bisa rutin tiap minggu deh, seru soalnya :)

@Shandy: Thanks a lot. Glad that you like my dish. Hugs

@Arundhati: Ya, you can call it as sweet corn soup, since it used sweet corn as the main ingredients. I hope you'll like this soup.

@Dwiana P: sebetulnya pengen ikutan dari yg Mexico, cuma udah telat. Thanks Dwi!

@Shelvy: sip deh, ditunggu minggu depan, semoga aku juga gak males :D

@Andrea: Yup, you are right, this one is called wood ear. Thanks for your information.

Natashya: So we have a great minds think alike, right! Thanks for adding my glossary Natashya and for the compliment.

Susie Homemaker said...

Good Lord your pictures are just beautiful. And this soup sounds wonderful!

Dita said...

yooo oollooooo gue sampe pengen nyeruput!

sefa firdaus said...

@Susie Homemaker: Thanks Susan. Yup, this soup is yummy. Why don't you give it a try?

@Dita: sok atuh diseruput :))

elsye said...

endannngggggg...sori fa gue baru dateng lagi nih, ampun deh gue lagi males melanda dunia persilatan..hahahah..

gue contek fa :D

Mochachocolata Rita said...

wow soupnya cantik sef...apalagi ditambah kelir kelir hehe...and i love the flower shaped ...are those coasters?

Sheila said...

Enak nih keliatannya, Fa. Gue contek ya. Btw, gue udah bikin kare kambing lo. Enaaaaaak! Gak pake cabe merah aja enak banget (gue pake paprika), apalagi dikasiin cabe ya. Sayang gue gak sempet moto, udah abis duluan soalnya :D.

Kitchen Flavours said...

Looks yummy.

yeni murty said...

Sup jagungnya mantapp tuh fa,enak ya dikasih jamur.

sowmya said...

Would love to share an award with check my blog!!

Lia said...

keren mugnya demen liatnya :)

A.G said...

jamur kuping itu ya ?

sefa firdaus said...

@Elsye: santai aja Els... malas juga my middle name kok :))
silahkan loh kalo mau dicontek

@Mochachocolata Rita: terimakasih Rit.. jadinya warna-warni biar tambah nafsu makannya :D
itu bukan coaster say, itu kain kok.. ada motif bunganya :D

@Sheila: waaaaaa sayang banget gak difoto, next time kali ya.. tapi gue seneng elo doyan :D
Resep yg ini silahkan dicontek Sheil, semoga elo suka juga

@Kitchen Flavours: yup, it's indeed yummy! Thanks for dropping by!

@Yeni Murty: mantep banget Mbak.. dan pake jamur bikin tambah sedaaappppppp :))

@Sowmya: wow... thanks a lot Sowmya *hugs*

@Lia: hehehe.. itu mug warisan dari temen yg pulang abis ;)

@A.G: iya Yin, jamur kuping

d3sy said...

Hi sefa, mampir lagi nih, pas gw search sup jagung dapet deh dari dapur kamu....
Pengen bikin aja, mumpung ada jagung neh :-)

Thanks for sharing ..


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