Quark with Strawberry Sauce - RED & WHITE Foodie Photography Contest

August will always be a special month for me, not only because I was born (and so was my mom) in this month, but also because in August, 63 years ago, my beloved country, Indonesia, got its independence from Japan. It was on August 17th, 1945.

Dhi, Fitri and Dwi, three beautiful young mothers, has organized a foodie photography contest in order to celebrate our 63th independence day. The theme of this contest is RED & WHITE as an interpretation from Indonesian flag.

The idea of making Indonesian flag from quark came to my mind last week, but the execution of it was yesterday. At first I wanted to ask my friend to clean my camera, there are some floss inside that bothering me every time I see through the viewfinder. For being lazy after working night shift last week, make me delay the appointment while the deadline of submitting the entry is near. So I decided to take it with the camera though those strings annoyed my sight.

After having the idea of making the flag, I called my best friend, Nana, to discuss the idea. She gave idea on how to make it vertical. It sounds very easy yet difficult to do. It took me two times trial and error in loading the quark before I add the strawberry sauce.

At first I parted the bottle with a carton covered with plastic wrapper, but unluckily, it was too soft to hold the quark and it happened two times. I didn't have any carton left and thought to put it off until tomorrow when I saw that I had a box of Tolak Angin Cair (a traditional liquid medicine for cold and flu). I tore the cover and voilĂ ... I had a new partition tool for my work.

It really needed patience to make it as I wanted to be. I had to be careful when discard the divider unless I wanted the quark to mingle with the sauce. Then I had to add more strawberry sauce to make it in the same level with the quark. It worked!

Problem solved? Not really!
I still had to think about the styling and lighting since these days Bremen were always cloudy. After taking some shots and reviewed in my laptop, I thought to take the last shot by redecorating the models. Huhuhu... when I moved one of the bottle, it fell down to the background and left the spot of strawberry sauce. It was really a one hard photo shooting ever.

Thanks God, it's done!

I hope my photo can make the contest merrier though I might not get any of those cute prizes. The most important for me is to be able to participate and show some love for my beloved country, Indonesia. Besides, those gorgeous hosts said that it's not about winning the prize, but it's about FUN!

Happy independence day Indonesia.
I wish that Indonesia will always be home that keep us safe from anything.
A country that can afford its citizen a better life and future.

The recipe below was inspired from the recipe here. I said inspired since I changed all the ingredients, such as using magerquark (low fat soft cheese) instead of vanillaquark and using strawberry instead of raspberry.
To know more about quark, please click this link: Quark by Wikipedia.

Quark with Strawberry Sauce
Recipe inspired by Zwergel-quark, recreated by me

500 gr magerquark (low fat soft cheese)
200 gr whipped cream
1 pack (7 gr) of vanilla sugar

Strawberry Sauce:
500 gr frozen strawberries
2 tbsp honey

Mix all the ingredients using whisker until well blended. Set aside.

Strawberry Sauce:
Blend strawberries with blender. Add honey and mix well.

Vertical Flag:
1. Covered a hard paper or carton with plastic wrapper. Place in the middle of the bottle. Fill one side with quark while the other with strawberry sauce.
2. Discard carefully. Add more strawberry sauce or quark to make them in the same level.

Horizontal Flag:
Pour half of the glass with quark. Add strawberry sauce on top.

Serving suggestion:
Store in fridge before serving.

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zlamushka said...

Hi there,
I am browsing through your recipes and am very pleased. I am happy to have been paired with your lovely blog this month in Taste & Creat :-)

sefa firdaus said...

Hi Zlamusha..
I'm glad that you are pleased with my blog. I hope you find one for Taste & Create.
I've found one in your blog ;;)

Hope we can make a good paired. Thanks for dropping by

Ema said...

cakep2 fa..:)moga menang juga ya..:)

Lidia Sianturi said...

waaaaaaaaaa...segitu perjuanganmu say! moga2 menang ya...great job!

Judith said...

Nampak artistik Sef .. Alles gute ya (^J^)

sefa firdaus said...

@Ema: terimakasih Mbak.. yg penting mah ikutan Mbak, have fun, kalo menang artinya alhamdulillah :)

@Lidia Sianturi: hehehehe... namanya juga utk Indonesia tercintah Lid, harus total bukan ;;)
makasih say

@Judith: makasih banyak Mbak

A.G said...

Wuih merdeka... cantik bener puding ato ciskek ? smeoga menang ya :)

Rosie said...

Just beautiful lush colours :)

Rosie x

Dwiana's kitchen said...

beautiful entry Fa. Beneran deh lo nekat bikin red and white nya. Itu dipegimanain bikinnya dipakein pembatas yah Fa di gelasnya biar bisa berdiri gitu.

kemarin dah sempet liat baru mau komen eh si printil ngegangguin:(

elsye said...

heheheh sama kayak dwi gue liat malah di FS, ngintip dulu jadinya qiqiiqiqiq.....ternyata loe sekarang udah publishh

cakepppp Fa, apalagi loe sabar banget bikin pudingnya ...hebringgg deh....:D

sefa firdaus said...

@A.G: bukan puding atau ciskek Yin, ini mah makanan Jerman gitu deh, quark pake saus buah-buahan
terimakasih say, menang gak menang yg penting ikutan :D

@Rosie: hi Rosie.. how are you? thanks for dropping by :)

@Dwiana's Kitchen: thanks a lot Dwi - ini pan demi dirimu, Fitri, Dhi dan tentunya Indonesia tercintah ;)
Iya say, gue pakein pembatas... trus ya kudu ati-ati fillingnya

@Elsye: hehehe... iya, gue liat elo mampir ke FS gue ;D
btw, dirimu belum posting ya? ikutan dong ;)

Mochachocolata Rita said...

wah asik banget sef...merah putih bangetttt...seneng banget sama kontrasnya! good luck yah!

wah soft cheese ini belon pernah nyoba...kayaknya kok enak banget sama saos strawberry yah...nyammmm

Lore said...

I first thought there was some gelatin involved because they hold so good, hats off to you for achieving this result without the use of gelatin!!! How much time did you keep them in the fridge before serving?

Andrie Anne said...

Wiiihhh mauuuuu...warnanya bener2 merah putih...duh hanya ngebayangin, rasanya kayaknya enak banget nih..hiks..

Yasmeen said...

Wishing you a very Happy B'day and Independence day.
BTW my B'day and my country's(India) Independence day both fall in August too.
You have a beautiful blog Shefa.
AsSalaam Alaykum

sefa firdaus said...

@Mochachocolata Rita: makasih Rit.. gutlak juga utk dirimu ;)
ayooo dicoba, disana adakan soft cheese?

@Lore: thanks a lot Lore *hugs*
to store in fridge before serving depends on how cold you wanna to have it, for me I used to store it 2 hours before serving.
hope it helps!

@Andrie Anne: hehehe... harus merah putih dong Ne, kan bendera Indonesia :)
coba kesini deh, aku sediain ;)

@Yasmeen: thanks Yasmeen!
wishing you a happy belated b'day and independence day too.
waalaikum salam warahmatullah

bluesea7 said...

Sef, untung dirimu ngasih tau aku pas aku salah kirim photonya itu..hehe..thanks banget ya..:x

sefa firdaus said...

your welcome By ;)

eliza said...

selamat Sefa, fotomu menang special award :D aku jg tadinya udah milih fotomu harus menang, warnanya cantik sih.

bluesea7 said...

Sefa, selamat ya buat special award..
happy for you say..:)


Hi Sefa, Thank you and Congrats too yah fotonya juga menang. Gak sia2 perjuangan-mu bikin Indonesian Flag hehe. Idenya unik dan Fotonya cantik. Congrats! :)

Vania said...

Selamat Sefa...
kapan2 kalo aku mampir ke situ, bikinin yg ginian yah, keliatannya enak bgt.
Thx dah mampir lg di 'dapur'ku...

Dita said...

Sefa selamat ya. Lo memang pantes dapet special award dengan segala perjuangan lo itu :). Fotonya juga cantik.

Fitri said...

ini nih yang namanya berakit2 ke hulu.. nyelem kemudian hihihi.. selamat ya say..

S O F I A said...

celamat ya tante cepa.. kapan-kapan, boleh nih dikirim ke gustav. he.he..

sefa firdaus said...

@Eliza: makasih Liz, aku justru ngejagoin fotomu loh, abis ngeliatnya gak bosen walau laper :D

@Bluesea7: thanks a lot ya By :)

@Mamapindi: terimakasih! selamat juga ya sekali lagi, fotonya cantik banget!

@Vania: sippppppp, kasih tau aja kapan mau kesini, aku siapin deh dan dibikin persis kayak gitu *udah mahir ceritanya, hihihihi*

@Dita: makasih banyak Dit, selamat juga utk dirimu... fotonya memang cantik ;)

@Fitri: alhamdulillah gak kelelep ya, secara aku gak bisa berenang loh Mama Nisa :))
terimakasih banyak ya darling ;)

@Sofia: terimakasih ya Giyas *ini pasti Giyas yg ngomong kan ;)*
sip sip... tunggu aja ;)


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