Glazed Chicken with Cheese - My Kitchen My World #10 (Jamaica)

I knew that I'm late to post my entry for My Kitchen, My World (MKMW) #10, but better late than never. I just cleaned the dishes of our dinner. Tonight we mixed Jamaican food with Tunisian chili sauce. Please do not ask me about the taste, since I'm too full to explain it. All I can say that "the taste is still on my tongue".

The Jamaican food that I made is my entry for this week MKMW. After finding out that this week theme is Jamaica (chosen by Laura of One Happy Hubbard), directly I surfed the net to search for the recipe. After reading some recipes online, I decided to choose Glazed Chicken with Cheese that's included in the top Jamaica recipe of the week. Next time I'll make the famous Jerk Chicken from scratch, I've already check the recipe for the Jerk spices and I think I can find all the spices here.

Frankly speaking, I'm afraid to say that this one is authentic Jamaican cuisine, since I did some modification to it such as substituting chicken breast fillet to chicken thighs and using potato puree instead of fresh potato. I'm glad I did it since it saved more time for me in doing it, because at the same time I had to make chili sauce for Taste & Create. That's why I cooked the chicken in the oven instead of frying. It's healthier though ;)

Now let me write you down the recipe while listening to Redemption Song and chewing gum. Don't worry, the gum contains no weed at all *LOL*

Glazed Chicken with Cheese
Recipe by Jamaica, modified by me

1.3 kg chicken thighs, skin out, clean, cut into half
8 tbsp palm vinegar
2 tbsp mustard
2 tbsp clear honey
2 pack of potato puree
4 tbsp melted cheese
Salt and black pepper powder to taste
2 tbsp dried parsley
700 ml boiling water
200 ml fresh milk

1. Combine vinegar, mustard and honey in a bowl. Mix well.
2. Fold in chicken meats and let it stand in a fridge for at least 30 minutes.
3. Place chicken in a baking dish. Keep the rest of marinade sauce*. Bake in a preheated oven of 200°C for an hour or until done. Set aside.
4. Place potato puree in a big bowl. Pour into hot water and mix until moist using spatula or wooden spoon. Add fresh milk, mix well.
5. Add melted cheese. Mix until combined.
6. Season with salt and pepper and add parsley. Mix well until corporate.
7. Served chicken with the mashed potato and drizzle with the rest of marinade sauce. Eat with Tunisian chili sauce when desired. (I'll post the recipe tomorrow).

* Stir fry marinade sauce with small amount of oil until cooked.


Natashya said...

What beautiful colours in your photos. You really captured the spirit.
The chicken looks great and I like the sound of the chili sauce.
Jamaica, like other countries, has integrated many cultures into it's food so I think adding the chili sauce is perfectly acceptable. (and sounds delish)

Anonymous said...

Jamaican food is one of my favourites, since they are spicy as well :D

Pepy said...

Jamaican food is one of my favourites, since they are spicy as well :D

Michelle Dargen said...

I think the chili sauce would go perfectly with Jamaican food. I am looking forward to the chili sauce recipe. We love chili sauce at my house. LOVE IT! :)

Elsye said...

doyaaannnn...gue paling doyan ayammm..hihihihi...photonya juga kerennn Fa..o iyaa sekali lagi selametttt yaaaaaa....:D

Judith said...

Hhhhmmm nyam nyam nyammmiii Sef ..dari foto dah nampak enak dan dari Zutaten bener2 komplit legit! Selamat ya Sef, Schöne Sonntag ..

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

That sounds yummy Sefa! I love mixing flavors like that! Jamaican food is really good and I love Tunisian too! So what's not to love?? ;)
Is that chili sauce harissa?

sefa firdaus said...

@Nathasya: I'm glad that I mixed it with harissa chili sauce, they perfect together :)
I made it colorful to me more Jamaican *LOL*

@Pepy: he eh Pep, cocok buat kita-kita :D

@Michelle Dargen: I've posted the chili sauce Michelle, hope you'll like it!

@Elsye: ayam man diapain juga enak *ini kata kakak gue*
terimakasih ya say *hugs*

@Judith: bikinnya juga gampang banget Mbak, coba deh ;)
terimakasih yaaaa *peluk*

@JennDZ - The Leftover Queen: Jenn, you are really the queen, you know it that it's harissa, cool!
Jamican food and Tunisian food are perfectly match!

Mochachocolata Rita said...

wow pengen njajal sef hehehe

bluesea7 said...

mantep ni kliatannya Sef..:D
tfs ya..

Elsye said...

kemaren aku udah kesini hikkss tapi yo ga bs komen Fa..digangguin krucilss...:((, samballll keliatan nendang ...cabenya pedes banget ga Fa

Elsye said...

sefaaaa gue salah komen wakakakkakaka....mestinya di sambal kenapa disini sih..:(( soriii

A.G said...

ayamnya cantik.. jadi krispi gitu kliatannya :D

Lore said...

This is breathtaking Sefa! That chicken looks out of this world :)

Simplicity said...

dari bentuknya sih ngeces juga disini..
kudu dicoba..thx ei

sefa firdaus said...

@Mochachocolata Rita: ayoo jajal Rit, enak loh ;)

@Bluesea7: mantep banget By, cobain deh ;;)

@Elsye: wakakakaka.. habis fotonya sama sih ya :D

@A.G: iya.. aku gak nyangka jadinya cakep gitu, dan yg paling penting enak!

@Lore: oh Lore, thanks! you always made my day *hugs*

@Simplicty: gak nyesel deh kalo nyoba ;)


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