African Spicy Harissa Chili Sauce - Taste&Create XIII

Nicole from For the Love of Food started a food event named Taste&Create. The objective of creating this event was, and has been, to create a community of blogger who test each others’ recipes and share links. It's cool, isn't it?

After forgetting so many times to send email to her, finally I got a chance to join Taste&Create XIII. Yay! I was so exciting to know who's gonna be my partner. Then when Nicole sent me a partner list by email, I became more exciting. I really am lucky to be partnered with Zlamushka from Zlamushka's Spicy Kitchen because she has the same desired as mine about spicy food. Straightaway after looking around her kitchen, I chose this recipe.

I've eaten harissa chili sauce once when my better half and I was in Amsterdam last year. Harissa was served as condiment when we had shawarma as our lunch. I liked it very much and so did my hubby. By making this harissa, I hoped that I could surprise my beloved, and it worked! He did surprised that I know the recipe. For sure you know the rest! Yup, he kissed me for making his fav chili sauce.

Here I said that I made Tunisian chili sauce while Zlamushka only labeled it as African spicy harissa chilis sauce. I'm dare to tell you that the one that she made is originally from Tunisia since my hubby (who's happens to be Arabian) knows the difference of harissa between the African country. He said that not all parts in Africa know about this chili sauce. The part that made harissa is a region in North Africa known as western Arabic countries or named as Maghreb. By tasting harissa, he knew it directly that this harissa is belong to the Tunisian.

Zlamushka said "I have to admit myself, that this sauce is probably the one that I make most often, probably because (1) it is ready in no-time, (2) there are countless ways of using it and (3) a simple reason - everybody loves it".
I won't disagree with her since it is ready in no-time, can be used for every kind of food (I've tried it with Jamaican food and Indonesian fried rice), and my hubby loves it!
This one is definitely gonna be a keeper in our home.

I didn't make significant modification, I just added 2 more olive oil and my own method.

Thanks Zlamushka for the recipe!

African Spicy Harissa Chili Sauce
Recipe by Zlamushka, slightly modified by me

12 dried chilies, soak in hot water, drain
1 tbsp coriander seeds
2 tsp cumin seeds
3 cloves of garlic
½ tsp salt
7 tbsp olive oil

1. Dry fry the seeds and crush them in a mortar.
2. Add garlic and salt. Continue grinding.
3. Add chilies and keep on grinding until it become paste.
4. Place it on a sauce bowl and pour into olive oil. Mix well.


Yasmeen said...

dear sefa,I use the spicy harissa in my salads and for marinating meats. Your harissa recipe looks hot hot red and spicy.
I have an award waiting for you at my blog.please do check it out.

Mochachocolata Rita said...

wow....somehow this makes me crave sambal terasi goreng hehe

A.G said...

sambel orang afrika ndak pake bawang trasi ya hehe... warnya bs cantik gitu.. lain kali beli dried chili ah.. soale bs bikin warna merah cantik ;)
BTW itu beneran itu sambelnya kamu uleg sendiri ? bs halus gitu ya hehe

zlamushka said...

Thank you so much for trying this one. Your picture looks so fantastic :-)
Great to read about the Harissa from someone that actually comes from there. Will amend my tag.
I apologise for a slight delay. I will definitely post my recipe right now. Off I go writing about your wonderful recipe that I just could not stop eating.

Dwiana's kitchen said...

Fa, kalau sambel2 an kasih gw pasti dimakan habis deh ampe bersih hehehehe.
penggemar sambel gk bisa liat postingan enak kek gini. Tapi kalau pake terasi lebih afdol lagi.

gw gk bisa keep up ikutan event nih Fa, mykitchen myworld udah gk bisa juga. tergantung kalau ada waktu gw ikutan.
udah seminggu gk online segitu online (selain males juga kena cold berat) busyet makanan enek bertebaran dimana2 euy.

sefa firdaus said...

@Yasmeen: thanks for the award Yasmeen and also thank for giving me idea on using this chili.

@Mochachocolata Rita: aku mauuuu sambal terasi (cuma terasinya jangan banyak-banyak)

@A.G: iya Yin, pake cabe kering memang bikin warna jadi bagus :)
itu ngulek terakhirnya dibantuin sama si Tukang Dongeng, aku udah teler :D

@Zlamushka: thanks for the recipe Zlamushka, I love it very much.

@Dwiana's Kitchen: tossssssss sama dong Dwi, gue juga gak bisa jauh dari sambel :d

santai aja Dwi, kalo memang sakit ya mau gimana - semoga skg udah sembuh ya say *hugs*

Manuela said...

When I look at your photo it looked like the "massa de malagueta" I posted on my blog. It's used a lot by all azorians. I bet we would use that sauce daily too hehe


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