Shrimps with BBQ Sauce - Culinarty Round-up Event: Original Recipes

If you've known me from before (6 years ago or more), you'll never believe yourself that now I can cook (though not a pro one yet). Once, when I chatted with one of my friend in Indonesia said that I'm possessed by an evil. Not just an ordinary evil but a cooking master one *LOL*

I learn how to cook here by reading recipe online. At first I still counted on instant spices, but after sometimes, I said goodbye too them (but not to Indonesian instant noodle *LOL*). I even started to create my own recipe. Some of them are tested and proved as delicious by my mom (for me she is the best cooker in the world - I believe every kid has the same thought about their mom).

The recipe below I created when I just came from home after one month holiday in Southern Germany (at that time my better half was doing his internship there) and saw that I had a bottle of BBQ sauce that would be expired soon. Directly I thought about mixing it with my homemade garlic sauce.

Since the result was good, I want to share it with all my fellow foodie blogger by submitting the recipe to Culinary Round-up Event with Original Recipes as the theme. This event hosted by Lore. To read more about the event (the deadline is on July 13th, 2008), please visit this link.

200 gr shrimps, shell intact, deveined, cleaned
3 tbsp ready to use BBQ sauce
2 tbsp homemade garlic sauce (the recipe will be posted later)
1 medium size onion, ring sliced
3 red chilies, angle sliced
Salt, pepper and sugar as needed
Lime juice as needed
Cooking oil

Dried parsley (using fresh better)

1. Mix BBQ sauce and garlic sauce in a bowl. Add shrimps and mix well. Let it stand for 15 minutes.
2. Heat oil in a skillet. Sauté onion and red chilies until wilted and fragrant. Fold in shrimps mixture. Cook over moderate heat until set.
3. Season with salt, pepper and sugar. Drizzle with lime juice. Stir for a while and remove from the heat.
4. Place in a dish ware and garnish with dried parsley. Ready to serve with steamed rice.

Simple and easy right ;)


Dwiana P said...

itu shrimp menggoda iman gw hahhaa.

samaan Fa, dulu di Jkt boro2 masak lah kedapur aja jarang gw tengokin. sekarang masak terpaksa soalle qiqiiqi

sefa firdaus said...

@Dwiana: kalo menggoda iman hayuk dong dicoba say, gampang kok ;)

hihihihi... betul Dwi, gue bikin teh manis aja nyuruh si mbak dirumah :))

Lore said...

Thank you for participating! Shrimps with BBQ sauce sounds trully scrumptious, a taste bud feast :D I'm a big garlic fan so I cannot wait for the recipe of the garlic sauce you mention :)

A.G said...

cabenya yg banyak aku suka :)

Dita said...

kliatannya pedes ya bow?

sefa firdaus said...

@Lore: thanks for the great event Lore :)
I'll let you know when I post the recipe of homemade garlic sauce.

@Ayin: tambah pedes memang tambah nikmat ya Yin :))

@Dita: yang ini gak pedes kok Dit, tapi kalo gak mau pedes, cabenya satu aja :D

Lore said...

Yay, thanks Sefa, I'll be waiting (un)patiently :)

receitinhas da belinhagulosinha said...

hello my dear really when the family is far leaves too much nostalgia, I leave you a big kiss

good thing that your shrimp

Elsye said...

apapun yang berbentuk udang gue suka Fa..pengennnn keren itu potona :D...

jadi langsung laperr..:D, pengen ikutan euy original recipe :D

Lia said...

glekkkk enak bener nih "ngences"

MiNDY said...

merah merona sekali itu udangnya

Mochachocolata Rita said...

wahhhh pasti daku coba ini hehehe pedesh sampe nangish2 kali ya

oquefazerprojantar??? said...

it sound delicious! I have to try it!

monica said...

Sefa, you are right, our mothers to us are always the greater cooks.I love my mothers food, and i loved your shrimps, they look really tasty!

busylittlebee said...

your recipe is onother great indeed, love to try it out.

TOP mbak!!

Andrie Anne said...

Enyak nih pastina. Warnanya juga cantek..cepet lagi bikinnya yaa..

sefa firdaus said...

@Lore: you can enjoy the recipe now Lore ;)

@Isabel: thanks a lot for the kiss, dear *hugs*

@Elsye: thanks El.. sebetulnya ini foto jadul :D males motret soalnya kemarin-kemarin, pake stock lama aja deh :D

@Lia: enak Li... ayo dicoba daripada ileran :))

@Mindy: merah tapi gak pedes kok Jeng ;)

@Rita: gak terlalu pedes kok Rit, itu merahnya dari saus BBQ-nya... cuma kalo mau pedes, cabe merahnya aja yg ditambahin... tapi kalo nangis kepedesan, aku jangan diomelin ya :D

@Marien: yup, it is indeed delish.. you have to give it a try :)

@Monica: yup! Mom's always be the best cooker in the world!

@Ira: hai hai Jeng... apakabar? terimakasih pujiannya :)

@Anne: cepet banget Ne, cocok kalo buat ya udah gak kuat nahan lapar :D

Dragon said...

These look so good. Yum!


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