Sambel Mangga (Mango Chili Paste) - Blog Event IIIIV - Some Like It Hot

For most of the Indonesian, eating without sambel (chili paste) is not complete. Even for the Javanese who likes to eat sweet, they still need chili in their food. From West to East, from Banda Aceh to Papua, every Provence has their own special chili paste. My hubsie said that nobody eats chili paste like the Indonesian, and that's true (cmiiw). Yet he's been mutating into Indonesian since he must eat with chili paste. If you see in my fridge, you'll find both homemade and ready to use chili paste.

After drooling when seeing sambel belimbing wuluh made by Rita, I decided to make my own. Too bad that she didn't post the recipe, but her kindheartedness has made her writing me the recipe through personal message in Multiply. She advised me to use mango (the sour one) as substitution for belimbing wuluh or also known as belimbing sayur.

Belimbing Wuluh/Belimbing Sayur
(English = Bilimbi ; German = Gurkenbaum)
(picture courtesy of Wikipedia)

I used my own measurement, but if you want to use the original one, please visit Mbak Esther site, since Rita got the recipe from her.

This is my entry for Blog Event IIIIV - Some Like It Hot hosted by Zorra of 1x umrühren bitte (Kochtopf). Danke Zorra!

Blog-Event XXXV- Some like it HOT

Recipe Source:
- Sambel Belimbing Wuluh, Edisi September 2007.
- Sambal Belimbing Wuluh, BlogNya Rita.

20 red chilies
15 bird eye chilies
6 small red onions
2 cherry tomatoes, diced
½ block terasi (shrimp paste) - you can use ready to use beef/chicken broth powder/block
Salt and sugar as needed
½ Mango, peeled, shredded
3 tbsp cooking oil


1. Roughly grind red chilies, bird eye chilies and red onion with Indonesian mortar and pestle. (You can use chopper or food processor).
2. Heat oil in a skillet. Sauté chilies and red onion until fragrant.
3. Add tomatoes, shrimp paste, sugar and salt. Stir fry until tomatoes become wilted and the oil became clear.
4. Add mango. Stir fry for a while. Remove from the heat.
5. Ready to serve with nasi uduk, yellow fried chicken and yellow fried tofu.


MiNDY said...

wadah sambelnya lutuw Fa

MiNDY said...

eh lupa bilang, gw pengecualian sebagai orang Indonesia karena ga doyan sambel ;))

sefa firdaus said...

enak Ndoel, kalo gak suka pedes.. kurangin aja cabenya :D

si Jangkung doyan pedes gak?

Ayin said...

aku suka banget ama sambel.. biasane kl lg ndak ada wkt bikin sambel bawang..
*biar ga dideketin ma drakula wkwkwk * bukan hanya dracula aj ding..wong orang jg males ndeket xixixix

sefa firdaus said...

wakakakaka... ada-ada aja Yin :))

eh kalo bikin sambel bawang, Papanya si Noni deketin gak? *pengen tauuuuuuu aja*

Elsye said...

faaa...duh itu sambel menggiurkan, tapi gue samaan sama mindy ga doyan sambel..apalagi yang di uleg...qiqiiqiq..kalo sambel botol gue bisa deh makan yang pedes banget..tapi sambel uleq apalagi pake bisa say..qiqiqi

Lia said...

sefa ngiler tukeran ama lemperku yuks

sefa firdaus said...

@Elsye: gue juga gak terlalu suka terasi Els, makanya kalo pake terasi gue kurangin jumlahnya :D

wah.. gue mah pencinta sambel sejati, mau botoloan, diulek, dihalusin pake chopper... hayuuukkkkkkk

@Lia: boleh Li... siapa takut dapat lemper :D

Mochachocolata Rita said...

wah mantab buanget nehhhhhh

Lina W. said...

asli ngeces nih liat sambalnya....mantaf sekali...

sefa firdaus said...

@Rita: mantep Rit... tapi abis gitu bolbal kamar mandi :))

@Lina: beneran mantep Mbak, aku aja ngeliat lagi jadi ngiler :D

PimientayChocolate said...

hi, your blog is delicious.
I love this kind of food, is so spicy and is my favorite food.all your recipes are fantastic, daniela

sefa firdaus said...

hi Daniela..
thanks for your compliment :)
I've seen your blog too.. and your photos are mouth watering.

Thanks for the visit.

zlamushka said...

Hi Sefa,
I hope you are reading this, was unable to find you e-mail address. I am goignt o make this one and I have a few questions:
By red chilies you mean? can you send a picture? bird eye chilies I know...
cherry tomtatoes, those are the tiny little ones, only two?
thanks, sorry for my nousy questions....

sefa firdaus said...

Hi Zlamushka,
I've sent you email. Hope it will help.


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