Soto Mie ala Mbak Esther (Mbak Esther Style Beef and Noodle Soup)

3 hours I spent in the kitchen for this food. But 3 hours is nothing comparing a compliment I got from my hubby. He didn't have to say anything since his face said it all. The compliment also came from our friend, she visited us and delayed to go home when she heard that I planned to cook soto mie.

To make soto mie was easy and so was risol. The only reason why it took me 3 hours to finish it was to make the crepes for risol. I used to make risol with my Ø20cm teflon, but this time I made it with Ø28cm. I got trouble in getting the right thickness. But overall, the result was just perfect. Thanks God.

I got the recipe both of soto mie and risol bihun (rice noodle crêpe) from Mbak Esther, she is one of the best in culinary art and I learned a lot from her. I did modified the recipe of soto mie from the measurement and eliminated the use of kemiri (candle nut). Frankly, I eliminated candle nut simply because I forgot it, hahaha. But since the result was good, so it didn't a matter whether you want to use candle nut or not. Mbak Esther said only in richness of the soup. By using candle nut, your soup will be thickened. She used 5 candle nuts for this recipe.

Recipe source: Soto Mie, Mbak Esther.

1 kg beef lock
2 knucklebones galangal, bruised
4 Indonesian bay leaves
Sugar and salt as needed

Spices, blend:
2 knucklebones ginger
½ tsp turmeric powder
2 big red onion
4 cloves of garlic
½ tbsp white pepper powder

Risol Bihun (Rice Noodle Crêpe)
Yellow egg noodle, boil by adding salt and oil
Tomatoes, slice as desired
Fried garlic
Fried red onion
Dried green onion
Lime kaffir juice (jeruk limo)
Indonesian sweet soy sauce
Indonesian chili sauce
Palm vinegar
Bird eye chili paste (I will post the recipe later)
Fried rice noodle (the rest of risol filling)

1. Boil beef lock with pressure cooker for about 10 minutes. Sift the broth. Cut into cubed. Set aside.
2. Sauté blended spices, galangal and bay leaves until set and fragrant. Set aside.
3. Reboil the beef with sifted broth. Add sauted spices, sugar and salt. Boil until the beef tender. Taste the soup and add salt, sugar and pepper when needed.

Serving Suggestion:
1. Place yellow egg noodle and fried rice noodle in a bowl. Top with beef, tomatoes and rice noodle crêpe. Garnish with fried garlic, fried red onion and dried green onion. Ladle the soup over. Add chili paste and drizzle with lime kaffir juice.
2. Add palm vinegar, sweet soy sauce and chili sauce when desired.
3. Eat immediately.

This was my entry for Monthly Foodie Multiplier in April 2008 hosted by Esti with Red Meat as the theme.

Updated: You can find the round-up in this link.


Elsye said...

Nunggu resepp...qiqiqiqi..penampakannya menggairahkan..:P

Ayin said...

ditunggu resenya ..;)
lom pernah bikin yg ginian soalnya

Sheila said...

Gila! Lengkap banget, Fa. Ikutan Elsye & Ayin, aku tunggu resepnya ya.

Sheila said...

Wakakakak...kok samaan sih? Gue juga nguli demi mencari sebuah lensa macro :D. Pokoknya kerja apa aja gue jabanin deh, yg penting lensaaaaaaaa! Eh, pengen juga beli alat2 baking sih (banyak maunya, ya).

sefa firdaus said...

@Elsye: resep udah ada tuh.. maaf lama, maklum pegel-pegel abis nguli :D

@Ayin: ayooo Yin, dirimu wajib bikin ;)

@Sheila: resepnya udah ada ya Sheil. Wakakakaka... elo mau beli lensa macro yg mana lagi Sheil? 100mm f/2.8 atau yg 50mm f/1.4?

Gue lagi pengen beli friteuse yg hemat minyak.. ihiks, masih 150€ di amazon

Li@ said...

selamattttt akhirnya punya blog lagi ya Sefa, hmmm kalo aku demen risol bihun pake saus kacang :D

Resto Mariena said...

soto nya seger bgt nih Sef....dach gitu risolnya koq di potongnya cantik. Aku kalo motong risol pasti melenceng isi nya kesana kemari ixixiixi. Duhh jadi pengen buat soto mie nya Mbak Esther lagi

sefa firdaus said...

@Lia: kalo pake sambel kacang itu biasanya aku pake risol yg rogut isinya Li, trus dilapis pake tepung panir.. jadi kayak risolnya Sakura Anpan... enaaakkkkkk

@Mariena: motongya mah tinggal motong.. bihunnya lagi baik, gak keluar-keluar :))


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